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Push up on It: How Does Push Back Racking Work?

Thanks to the booming e-commerce industry, businesses in the US may need another one billion square feet of warehouse space by 2025. As more people turn to online shopping, businesses need more warehouse space to have more inventory on hand. This increasing need can raise logistics costs for these growing businesses.

A smarter investment can be to change the racking system. A push back racking system can be the right solution for businesses that are running out of warehouse space.

This guide will explain what a push back racking system is and how it can benefit you.

What Is Push Back Racking?

A push back rack system is a gravity system that creates higher density storage. It has inclined rails that extend the depth of the storage lane. The rails are typically two to six pallets deep.

The pallets get placed on a series of nesting carts that roll on the rails. You can front load and unload the racking system, reducing space and labor demands.

What Is a Push Back Racking System Use For?

You’ll find push back pallet racking most often used for cold storage, consumer products, grocery stores, and food and beverage storage. These are industries where there are high pallet counts and mid-level SKU counts.

This type of warehousing system is best when you need to create a more dense storage solution. This maximizes the number of pallets and products you can store in a limited space.

Push Back Racking Advantages

The most significant advantage of this style of racking system is the density of the storage. You can pack a lot more into a smaller space. Other advantages include faster operation and high selectivity.

Increased Density

The positioning of the rails and the pallets allow for pallet storage on both sides of the aisle. Many companies experience an increase of 25-55% in storage without moving to a larger warehouse. A low-profile system creates even more storage space.

Fast Operation

A pallet racking system eliminates many of the aisles and creates an ergonomic system for the racks. This increases the speed of operation in the warehouse. When someone uses a forklift to bring a pallet off the rack, the next pallet automatically rolls forward to the front position.

High Selectivity

This racking system can give you access to both sides of the aisle without limiting your access to other pallets. You can configure the pallets stored to customize how the SKUs are stored. This makes it easier to access the most used SKUs.

Push Back Pallet Rack Price

The price of your push back racking system depends on the size of the system. A smaller system that’s only two pallets deep will have a lower cost than one that’s six pallets deep. A larger overall system is also more expensive than a smaller one.

Try Push Back Racking in Your Warehouse

If you need more space in your warehouse, consider converting to a push back racking system. It can help you create more storage space, operate more efficiently, and organize your pallets better.

For more helpful explanations, check out our other articles that provide in-depth insight.

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