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Make A Splash: 7 Unique Pool Designs To Get You Inspired

Scientists have determined that being near water will make you happier, and it’s all thanks to our “blue mind.” Dr. Wallace J. Nichols first coined the phrase as they were researching why we are drawn to water.

How often have you selected your summer destination based on whether there is a pool or not? It’s the main reason Airbnb added pool as a search filter on their website. So, if it improves our well-being, we should consider one for our homes.

Nowadays you can create unique pool designs to suit your style. So, take a look at these pool designs to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Pools With Baja Shelves

A Baja shelf is often used for tanning or as an added sense of luxury in your pool. Nothing beats sipping a cocktail on your pool’s Baja shelf.

They are typically 8 – 16 inches deep, and you can alter the width. As such, they fit most standard pool sizes.

2. Pools With Vanishing Edges

Vanishing edge pools work best with rectangular shape pools. It will give you the chance to take advantage of a raised platform or hill-type topography to create the illusion that the pool’s edge goes off the side.

When the vanishing edge creates an illusion of going into the sea or other body of water, it’s called an infinity pool.

3. Swim Spas

Doing laps in your pool for fitness is so 1990s; now, it’s all about water current as a resistance. Swim spas, also known as swimming machines by Liquid Assets, include jets of water that create a current.

The pool can be as small as 12 feet because you won’t be moving. Instead, your force versus the jet water will hold you in position. Then after you exercise, you can use it as a hot tub.

4. Pools With Sheer Descents

Sheer descents come in many unique pool designs to match the style of your property. For example, your custom pool could include a small sheer descent waterfall, or you could have a statement descent that flows down a large wall.

They also act as an audio blocker, so surrounding noises such as people’s voices or cars will not disturb your relaxation time.

5. Transparent Pools

Transparent above-ground pools are a modern pool design that won’t affect pre-existing landscapes. They are visible on all sides and feel luxurious.

We’re even seeing them on elite rooftops and as building connection bridges in modern architecture.

6. Pools With Islands

These raised slabs can be any size or shape and are surrounded by water. A small one could be a resting base for your magazine, sunglasses, and drink.

Upscale in size and use it as a sunlounger base. Or go the whole trend and make a bar on your island.

7. Landscaped Pools

Previously people didn’t think about the flow or design of their garden when installing a pool. However, nowadays, you can create a pool shape that flows seamlessly into the surrounding landscape.

For example, if you are on hilly land, utilize waterfalls and soft edges to match the hill decline.

Unique Pool Designs for Everyone

Designing a pool may seem like a difficult task, but it will be a fun and rewarding experience with guidance from a professional.

Use these unique pool designs as the stimulus for your creation. Also, check out our other home improvement blogs today for more home projects and ideas.

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