Making the Most of Your Space: Small Garden Ideas

Did you know that gardening reduces stress and increases heart health? With the many benefits gardening offers, it’s easy to understand why you would want to have a garden.

But what if you only have a small space? Can you still plant a garden? The answer is yes, and we are going to share creative small garden ideas to help you get started.

  1. Turn Your Windowsill into a Mini Garden

If you live in a more urban area, windowsill gardens are the perfect solution. This is also a great idea for anyone who lives in an apartment with no yard.

Gather a few plants and some visually appealing pots. Line your windowsill or tiny balcony with as many plants as it can hold.

Consider the type of light that comes in through your window. Also, be sure to keep in mind any drastic temperature drops that may happen in your region. Certain plants will thrive as they grow on your windowsill.

  1. Reimagine Your Entryway

Just because your entryway is small doesn’t mean there isn’t room for a bit of greenery. Even if you don’t have room for a lavish garden leading up to your front door, you can still catch people’s eyes.

A top tip for small gardens is to sneak in tall trees wherever possible. This will give the illusion of a larger garden. They also add a great level of privacy.

If you’re interested in either pruning your current trees or getting rid of them to make room for something new, this page is the one to visit.

Topiary plants and brightly colored plants are also great small garden landscaping ideas. Warm colored flowers will make your space feel more intimate. Cool colors, on the other hand, will make your space feel larger.

  1. Plant Produce

If you love to cook, plotting a small area for produce is a great idea. There is nothing quite like cooking with your own freshly grown ingredients.

Consider what you would use the most. Maybe that is just a tomato plant and a few herbs.

If you have a rooftop, you can create a rooftop veggie garden. Even still, if you don’t quite have the space for the amount of produce you want to grow, you can buy a plot at a local community garden.

Community gardens are a great way to get your gardening fix if you want to grow more than what you have room for.

  1. Grow Up a Wall

If you don’t have much horizontal space, grow vertically!

Garden walls and fences make the perfect stage for plants. Even indoor spaces can be transformed with hanging plants. Climbing and hanging plants add the illusion of more height.

Climbing plants such as ivy, wisteria, and jasmine are all gorgeous options. Hardly anyone can pass an ivy-covered wall without stopping to admire it.

  1. Use Pots and Containers

Pots are the best solution if you don’t have a lot of ground to work with. Planting your plants in pots makes redesigning your garden a breeze.

You can easily move the pots around or replace what’s inside them. Pots and containers allow you to add a garden feel to places like stairsteps and walkways.

If your house or apartment has a balcony, you can use potted plants to turn it into your very own sanctuary.

Get Creative With Your Small Garden Ideas

There are endless small garden ideas to transform your space into one of beauty and joy. Even if your outdoor or indoor space is tiny, don’t let it stop you from creating your own garden.

For more gardening tips and tricks, check out the other articles on our blog.

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