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Metal Roofing and Solar Panels Go Hand in Hand

As an environmentally aware business owner, you understand and appreciate the benefits of metal roofing such as its eco friendliness and energy efficiency. If you’re looking to get more use and versatility from your existing metal roofing then why not consider installing solar energy panels and reduce your power bill even more? You can!

Obviously, a project of this scale and complexity is best handled by qualified metal roofing contractors. After all, you want the best results at the best price. So how does the whole thing work? It’s easier than you think!

Metal roofing installation is different from solar panel installation

Although this is quite an obvious difference, it is worth pointing out that installing your metal roofing is a totally separate process to the installation of solar panels on the roof. The advice of the professionals from 1st Choice Commercial Roofing in Houston is to have your existing roof inspected by a metal roofing contractor prior to commencement. This will ensure that your roof suitable and able to withstand the additional weight of solar panels.

PV solar panels on metal roofing

Installing standard photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to any type of metal roofing is one of the most straightforward projects you can deal with. PV solar panels are easily accommodated by the roofing structure due to their flat shape and relatively low weight. The precise method in which the panels are attached to the roof will depend on number of factors – this is best determined by the installing team.

Thin solar film is ideal for metal roofing

If for some reason, the use of standard PV solar panels is not advisable on your building, or you simply want to combine traditional solar panel technology with some new solutions, try thin-film solar panels. Thin-film solar panels are precisely that – a thin film of photovoltaic material which does the same job as a standard silicone PV solar panel. Thin-film solar is ideal for metal roofing, especially seam metal roofs as it adheres to the metal surface of the roof without adding additional weight to the structure.

Metal roofing and solar panels have similar lifespan

Metal roofing and solar panels tend to have pretty long life expectancy due to their inherent durability and technological simplicity. This makes installation of solar technology on metal roofing quite a good future investment. Most metal roofing comes with 20 or 30 years of expected lifespan; standard PV solar panels tend to have the same service life duration. In other words, similar lifespans of both technologies mean good value for money and no untimely replacement or repair expenses on either one.

Solar panels will keep your building cooler in summer

One of the additional benefits of installing PV silicone solar panels or thin-film solar panels on your metal roofing is a reduction of temperature inside the premises below. This is achieved quite simply by shading the otherwise reflective paint of the metal roofing by the solar panels or film, which creates another thermal barrier between harsh sunlight and the occupied premises underneath. Simple and clever!

Eco-friendly business means cost-effective operation

Keeping things green should always be a priority for your business. Opting for metal roofing in combination with solar technology is a proven way to reduce operational costs on multiple levels. The most obvious saving would come from reduced energy consumption; i.e., the premises is more thermo efficient during all seasons. Many state governments encourage the use of green technology in the workplace by a reduction of tax or more favorable access to financial resources. Last but not least, both metal roofing and solar panels are fully recyclable ensuring you run a sustainable operation, even in the long run.

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