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Outdoor Cleaning Tips That Anybody Can Benefit From

Why is it that outdoor cleaning tips can only be found in the spring? Don’t people clean throughout the year? Every home´s outdoor area needs to look bright, clean and inviting throughout the year, which means that any season is appropriate for reorganizing, cleaning and focusing on the exterior of your home.

Your porch, patio, shed, the drive is not a one-time-clean sort of a deal. You use your yard, your drive and your patio more than just one time a year, so you should also use these great outdoor cleaning tips to keep your exteriors beautiful. This outdoor cleaning guide will help you stay on top of your outdoor areas so you will only need to put a little effort into the cleaning project every day.

Pressure Wash It

There is nothing like good clean water to add a fresh look to exterior areas. Pressure washing the patio, drive and just about any other outdoor area breaks up and washes away dirt, grime, salt and mold. Use a pressure washer to clean the patio stones, the siding on your home, the sidewalks, windows and drive. Spraying high pressured water offers an effective way to give your exterior a fresh clean look. Should you hire a professional for pressure washing? The answer to this question is a matter of personal preference, however, professional pressure washing services can become expensive, especially if you use these services frequently. Instead, you might consider renting a pressure washer from a local hardware or rental store. You may even want to consider purchasing a good pressure washer. Often, you can find one for under $200.

Dust It Off

Everyone wipes down the interior of the home, but most people forget the outside. Look outside! There is a ton of dust out there. Dust off outdoor furniture, the blades of outdoor ceiling fans and any other surface that makes a part of your outdoor decor. Be sure to dust before you vacuum so you can eliminate the particles that fall on the floor once you vacuum. Be sure to clean the cobwebs while you are at it. These unwanted dust collectors often get stuck on doors or in window corners.

Upgrade Outdoor Lighting

practical outdoor light decor

Now is the time to change out those old lighting fixtures, especially if you have outdoor lighting sockets that don’t work or are rusted out. Add new LED security lights and lighting to the porch or covered patio. Replace old fixtures with energy-efficient outdoor lighting options.

Wash and Scrub

Periodically, outdoor furniture needs a good scrub down. Most outdoor furniture, grills and outdoor upholstery needs a good, once-a-month cleaning. But before you get out the soapy water, be sure you consider the material. If your furniture is real wood, you want to use a good wood conditioner. If your outdoor accessories are metal, plastic or wicker use soapy water and a good cleaning cloth.

Wash the Cushions

When it comes to patio furniture, your cushions are the accessory that tends to wear out the fastest. These items can become moldy, rip and tear faster than anything else. Be sure to wipe cushions down a few times a month and use a mild soap and water mixture. For stuck on dirt, use a soft-bristled brush. If they are too dirty you may need to replace them.

Use a Squeegee

Window washing can brighten a home like nothing else. It makes the home seem bright and new when seen from both the inside and outside. Get a good commercial squeegee to help you clean all those windows.

Clean Out The Shed

Sometimes it is not just about cleaning, you also need to declutter. Organize and neaten up your outdoor areas. Give your shed a good clean out and decide on what you really need to keep, throw away or donate.

Keep It Up

Cleaning your outdoor areas is not just a Spring-time job. It is something you should be doing all the time. That’s why following this outdoor cleaning guide will help you continually keep everything ship shape. When everything is neat and clean you will want to spend more time outdoors. Remember, all you need to do is put in a little bit of effort on a regular basis, and you will have a lovely outdoor living space to enjoy.

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