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Beautiful Glass Coffee Table Shapes for Your Modern Interiors in 2019

In any home, after a bed, the table seems to be the most important furniture ingredient. We all know the table comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors for all type of uses. Wood, metal, the glass may be the most common material but one of them the glass is high in demand every year. Modern coffee tables are mostly made up of glass with a variety of shapes, designs, and color customizing a home accordingly. So the glass coffee tables are hot in purchasing tendencies due to the variety in colors and texture. Glass top’s glass is often tempered. Tempered glass is high in strength and high in heat resistance too. Moreover, this type of glass sheets has great breaking coverage in case if something hit them.

Why Choosing the Right Shaped Table Top is Crucial?

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The last piece of living room enigma is a coffee table, often chosen after all the setting has been done. But it is an intimidating task to choose which shape will suit your living room best and why should you choose that shape. You must be seeing you confused between what to buy the brass glass table top shaped like a boat or wooden base over static glass sheet? Your sofa setting and shape usually determine which style and shape of the glass are going to fit in your living space.

If your sofa set is very long then it would go with an oval or rectangular shape for sure. But if you have small living setup then the cozy round shaped table will fit best. Super modern sofas require super unique ideas. You might also consider a round coffee table if you have punitive, sharp lines in your room and you’re trying to make softer the entire setup. For small homes, large tables look odd and in large rooms, small tables just look fine just as side tables.

Some Quick Tips-How to Choose Glass Table Top?

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Here are some tips that you can count on your fingers while selecting any glass table top from anywhere.

  • Choose the right type of glass; quality of glass must be enough withstanding for the long term in your home.
  • Always consider tempered glass sheets; these sheets are highly strong and do not break easily. Heat resistant and durable sheets are those tempered.
  • Size of the table must be compatible with the size of your sofas and your room walls orientation. Do not choose table large enough to cover space and you may not be able to walk in your room with ease.
  • Color of your table base and upper glass top must be in accordance with other materials and furniture in the house.
  • Most importantly design and shape; always go in your sofa set’s favor because they have to mix with the table shape to present your living room.

Round Glass Tops

For small cozy rooms when choosing the right shape of tabletop round shapes fit best. Round shape table tops can be used as a side table and for a mini table in front of the main hall. In front of the door if there is a hall at the entrance. Then a large round shaped table with beautiful flower presentation looks stunning. The square and rectangular tables are not the only shapes that exist.

For a small family gathering, a round shaped table is the best choice because it allows seeing everyone across the table. Conversation and transfer of jokes is an easy task for everyone around the round table. You can always have a choice to customize the base of the table. Either you can have a large surface to put things into it or just go with a fine stand. Keep in mind that for large family gatherings and meet-ups round tables are not a good choice. Even if you maximize table size it will look odd and weird in the room.

Square glass table tops

For home dining hall, for the office dining hall, and in conference rooms square shaped table tops is the best choice. Square shaped rooms look best with square tables. Even for most of the dining rooms, square tables fit most of the time. These tables are always the best solutions to make fit just a few numbers of people. In meetups, square tables provide intimacy and closeness. Through square table does not look good in large rooms but can be used sometimes as a side table. Birthday functions and parties are incomplete without square tables, on them you display cake serve dishes and all the fuss happens.

Rectangular table glass

Rectangular tables are most common for years. When choosing a glass dining table for large dining halls then the rectangular shape is always preferable. Still, there are opportunities that you can customize the base and glass color or keeping the table top rectangular the base can be made up of any shape. Keeping the top rectangular you can customize the base shape and material and designs. Even some small rectangular tables may have a leaf extension with it that assist to serve a large number of people. For placing a large number of dishes for buffet usually, rectangular tables fit finest. For the party or some birthday functions usually square and rectangular tables always come to aid you.

Oval Shaped Glass Table

For a stylish living room, interior oval shaped glass top looks best. Oval is similar to the rectangular one but the edges are fine round. These edges don’t leave bruises on thighs though. And do not cover large surface areas as compared to other tables. It is just like a hybrid of the round table and rectangular one so if you want something unique and stylish go for oval shapes. Even e-oval shapes are available in the market now. For classic and contemporary fashioned living rooms a boat shaped table glass top will offer exquisite presentation. Semi-oval shaped table sheets fit best in rooms with sharp lined furniture just to lessens the effect of those sharp lines.

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