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Reasons Why Pre-Purchase Building Inspection And Reports Are Important

The technical term for a pre-purchase building inspection is PCR or Property Condition Report. It is a compulsory step that you, being the buyer of a property shouldn’t avoid. After all, purchasing a prime piece of real estate is a big financial commitment and you need to make sure that you are spending your money on something that is worth it!

Reasons why one should hire the services of a building inspection company

Since the property inspectors of professional service providers like vitalbuildinginspections.com.au  give you all the necessary details you would need to paint the bigger picture. Thus it is best to hire their services.

A building inspector will hand you with a detailed report that will allow you to analyse the pros and cons of a property so that, in the end, you could make a well-informed decision.

The following is a glossary of reasons why you should go for pre-purchase building inspections:

Interior and exterior cracks on walls (if any) comes into the light

Cracks are common to surface on masonry walls or on the foundation of a building, especially if the property was built years ago. On top of that, the situation can worsen if the previous owner of the property failed to maintain the same periodically.

A building inspector will inspect the overall condition of the walls, the foundation of the building so that it can be classified safe for its future occupants.

Water damage from leaking pipes (if any) comes into the light

Water damage is a huge issue especially if it has gone unnoticed for a while. Mould infestation in the attic or in the basement can lead to serious health issues for you and your loved ones after you move into your new home. It will be hard for you to notice water damage if the seller decides to hide the issue under a fresh coat of paint.

Hire building inspectors so that you are sure the property you are about to buy is free from such issues.

Issues with the electrical wiring (if any) comes into the light

Electrical issues can lead to fires in a property. The situation often starts in the form of a small electrical arc, hidden from the eyes of the occupants of the property since electrical wiring, similar to plumbing, is concealed in the masonry walls.

A building inspector has the right tools and the know-how to make sure the property you are planning to buy has properly functional electrical wiring. This will be instrumental in keeping your family and you safe after you move into your new home.

What a typical pre-purchase building inspection report should contain?

A building inspector, apart from the tasks mentioned above, will also make sure that the property has all utilities in their working order. The inspector will make sure that the following are operational in a property:

  • Electrical breakers
  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguishing system (if any)
  • Garbage disposal system
  • HVAC system
  • Whether the property has issues with asbestos and the likes.

Post-inspection the report will generally consist of detailed information about the following:

  • Overall condition of the property
  • Age of the property
  • The areas that were inspected and the ones that weren’t along with reasons why
  • A glossary of issues that needs immediate attention
  • Recommendations and remarks associated with repair or renovation works and the likes

Purchasing a property is a huge financial commitment which is why buyers should always go for pre-purchase building inspections. It allows the buyer to have in-depth knowledge about the overall condition of the property thus allowing them to negotiate the price or make informed decisions by looking for better options.

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