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Polished Concrete Or Tiled Floors – Which Is Better

Well, obviously it’s polished concrete!

One might argue that tiled floors are far better than mundane looking polished concrete. Well, they might have been right, till a few years back but now, the tables have turned!

According to renowned contractors working as polished concrete specialists, the all-too-familiar concrete has stepped up from its greyish appearance in recent days.

Renowned polished concrete contractor companies like DS Grinding from Perth, Australia all bear proof of this claim! Polished concrete contractors now use stamping and staining techniques that allow them to alter the appearance of polished concrete. This alteration is carried out in order to make sure that polished concrete floors mimic the appearance of popular flooring solutions like:

  • Granite
  • Marble and related forms of luxurious natural stones!

Other compelling reasons that make polished concrete the best flooring solution are as follows:

Polished concrete looks awesome!

Given you hire a renowned polished concrete contractor, you can ask them to ensure that the polished concrete floors inside or outside of your home look like:

  • Slate,
  • Terracotta and the like.

Renowned polished concrete contractors these days use a plethora of stamping and staining techniques that also allows them to make concrete floors resemble:

  • Ceramic and
  • All known natural forms of stone flooring.

Furthermore, modern stamping techniques used by polished concrete contractors also allow them to make concrete floors resemble tiles.

It scores high on durability factor compared to tiled floors

Polished concrete surfaces scores really high in terms of durability when compared to tiled floors and for the following reasons –

  • Polished concrete floors are ideal for areas that would be walked on several times a day.
  • Polished concrete floors are highly resistant to accidental impacts from heavy objects – thus making this the ideal flooring solution for your in-home office, garage floor, basement workshops, etc.
  • Polished concrete floors can last for decades.

Polished concrete flooring installations are free from usage of hazardous chemicals

When compared to tiled floors, polished concrete flooring fairs better in terms of environment-friendliness. Tiled flooring installations, whether it is inside or outside of a home, is not at all free from the use of dangerous chemicals such as:

  • Chemical finishers
  • Chemical adhesives
  • Chemical cleaners.

Without using these, a tiled flooring contractor cannot deliver impressive finishes or cannot promise their clients that the tiled floor will last for decades.

Polished concrete flooring contractors do not use any hazardous chemicals like the ones mentioned above. This ensures that you and your loved ones can breathe easy, in your home. Another upside, since polished concrete floors do not use any chemicals, it doesn’t harm the environment in any way!

It is evident by now that choosing polished concrete as the flooring option for your home is the best decision you can take. It is pretty easy to fix up a polished concrete surface that has sustained damage over the years when compared to a tiled floor. This is a great feature since people who don’t want to spend exorbitant on floor repairs can choose polished concrete floors. That stated, be sure to hire a renowned flooring contractor that specializes in polished concrete floors, for the best results.

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