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Signs that Your Furnace Needs to be Repaired

The fireplace is an old way of keeping a house warm. Especially during the holiday season, there was nothing like sitting by a warm fire with your favourite warm beverage. During Christmas, this happens while listening to old-school holiday jams and just relaxing. Well, thanks to the invention of something called central heating and air and the technological advancements that followed, fireplaces are now all but obsolete. Now most homes have a furnace that keeps the home warm during the winter. But like anything worth having, a furnace must be maintained. Here are a couple of signs that your furnace needs to be repaired.

Lack of Maintenance

Similar to owning a car, if the furnace isn’t getting regular maintenance done it won’t last very long. A furnace requires that a certified HVAC professional inspect the furnace as often as once a month. Regular maintenance and basic inspections can help in avoiding a large repair bill down the line.

The Furnace Stops Working

If the furnace just stops working that is usually a tell-tale sign that a repair may be needed. The usual reason why a furnace stops working is because the filter is clogged with dirt and debris. If the furnace filter is clogged then the furnace may shut off and the heat exchanger may be damaged as well. The best option is to keep your furnace in the best condition possible even when it isn’t in use.

Old Furnace

Sometimes older homes may need any number of things repaired. The furnace might be one of them. One of the signs that can determine if a furnace needs repair is just by the looks of it. Does it looks like it has gone through a huge amount of wear and tear? Does it look like it’s going to fall apart at any given moment? Those are all signs that this device might need to be repaired.

The Furnace Smells like Gas

When the device smells like the exact same thing that is fuelling it, that is a sign of a leak. When a furnace smells like gas, it is leaking. This is a sign that a repair needs to take place. If your furnace exchanger begins to leak your home can be in for all sorts of problems. Anything from carbon monoxide poisoning to a fire hazard can take place when your furnace leaks.

Pilot Light Color Changes

Similar to a smoke detector, a car or just a computer screen, when there is an issue the pilot light will change colors. When the furnace is working fine the pilot light should be the color blue. Generally when there is a ventilation problem with a furnace the pilot light will turn yellow. All other colors may indicate an issue with the air and the carbon monoxide gas.

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