How do you remove graffiti from metal?

Graffiti are drawings, wording, or paintings illicitly scribbled on the private or public property and places where many can see the graffiti easily. Graffiti is a rising nuisance that decreases the scenic beauty of a particular place and promotes illicit speech, this vast nuisance is somewhat difficult to erase from the majority of walls and poles and alleys in most states. To get rid of graffiti is challenging as it spreads like a virus in every street and town.

According to the context of the above subject, here is the most effective method to eliminate every bit of graffiti from the sort of metal either it be a pole, board, sign fence or any piece of public property.

Graffiti can be erased from metal objects by the use of thinning solvents such as chemical paint removers, alcohol spirits, and kerosene oil or handy wipes. The method is simple as to apply the solvents or thinner by spraying directly on the graffiti and covering areas, a steel wool, or any other hard surface cloth or material can be used to rub the graffiti off the metal.

A strong solvent and a rigid continuous rub of steel wood on the metal leads the graffiti to dissolve and melt off the metal surface. This method can be repeated to make sure the metal is free of the graffiti till the nuisance is completely erased from everywhere it exists.

The following is a list of things that you may need to include in your graffiti fighter’s toolkit:

1- Aerosol Solvent

2- Trash bags

3- Paint Scraper

4- Safety Glasses

5- Inexpensive paint rollers

6- Safety glasses

7- Kitchen cleaner

8- Cotton Rags

9- Dust Mask

Here are a few tips that can also be implemented:

-Start off with wiping graffiti with a paint thinner that you can find in the local market. Use products specifically manufactured for graffiti removal. You can also wipe off graffiti by using a mild penetrating oil, but this is mostly ideal only when the graffiti is not very intense.

– If the graffiti still remains, use sandpaper with a firm hand. Other things that can be used for rubbing are bronze or steel wool

– If you still require intensive methods in case the graffiti remains, you should use power washing. The ideal pressure is 3000 PSI if you are using a pressure washer as metal surfaces are tough and do not risk attaining a dent

– In case all of these methods fail to remove the graffiti, the best way to get rid of graffiti is to paint over the metal surface

Graffiti removal is simply not an easy task. Mostly, all you will be able to do is to reduce the graffiti to a fade. However, that does not mean you give up easily. Keep trying these methods, improvise a little yourself like leaving the solvent on for a longer period of time, and enjoy the original appearance of the effected surface!

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