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Replacement Windows, Costs, Considerations and Ideas

Various factors might influence your decision to replace a window. It could be the need to upgrade an existing window for more efficiency or just the desire to have a different look in your space.

Replacement windows can be fitted with minimum operations as you will not need to remove an entire wall. A contractor will measure the existing window dimension and give you the exact window size.

One thing that is of concern when looking for replacement windows is the cost. Fibreglass, vinyl, aluminum and timber are some of the materials used in windows. These materials will vary in cost and installation process. The size of your window will also affect the installation cost. Though it will require money to do an upgrade, its benefits far supersede any money worries.

What to consider before installing replacement windows

  1. Energy efficiency

A lot of heat is gained and lost through windows. Choose windows that can work in either cold or warm temperatures so as to avoid extra costs on heating and cooling appliances.

  1. Frame type

This will vary depending on your existing frame stability. If your existing frames are still in good condition, then you will need the Insert frames. These frames can fit well into the existing frames, allowing you to preserve the original frames. In cases where your old frames are pretty damaged, then you will need to pick the Full-frame windows. With the Full-frame windows, you will need to replace the entire window fixture. Going the Full-frame way may cost you more money but the end product will prove to be efficient.

  1. Window design

Depending on your window functionality, you will need to decide on the best window design. Double-hung windows, Awning windows and Casement windows among others are best for air and ventilation, while Skylight, Transom and Glass Block windows are mostly designed to let in light.

  1. Window Durability

You do not want to keep replacing your windows. Windows and all their associated parts like hinges, sash locks and handles should be made to last. Look for windows that can endure all weather conditions without the possibility of rotting or corroding.

  1. Window Glazing

The glazing of a window should be strong enough to create a barrier between the interior and the exterior of your house. Double-pane or triple-pane window glazing offer more layers of protection from heat and cold as compared to the single-pane window glazing. Noise transmission is also minimized with these two types of glazing.

To get the most out of your replacement window project, shop around for the contractors in town. Compare prices of windows and different accessories as well as the cost of installation. You could also re-sell your old window units to scrap dealers at a lower fee. This money will go a long way in settling a few bills during the project.

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