When Tree Lopping is Necessary

Tree lopping is a tree trimming practice that some arborists believe is beneficial whilst others believe it may be damaging. The practice involves shortening tree trunks and cutting away the branches and limbs. Those who feel tree lopping should be avoided state that the process entails cutting the tree branches without considering the tree’s health. In some cases, new growth does emerge. However, the growth is not healthily attached to the tree.

When Lopping is Recommended

Whilst a reputable tree cutting service in Perth does not usually support tree lopping practices, sometimes an arborist has no choice but to take this measure. For example, a huge tree may need to be lopped if it is too big to be cut down. Cutting down the tree in this case may lead to property damage or harm other people.

The only way to prevent a large amount of damage is to have the tree lopped by professional tree trimmers. If you need this type of service done, you need to take the following steps:

  • Contact the tree service for a free, no-obligation quote.
  • A representative from the tree trimming company will review your specific tree trimming needs and provide you with a written quote.
  • If you choose the contractor, he will verify a date and time to have the tree lopping or trimming completed. Usually, it will be scheduled about two to three days ahead.
  • The team or tree-trimming professionals will show up at your property at the designated time.
  • The trimming will be completed and the workers will sweep up the leftover residue.
  • You will receive a customer survey so you can give your feedback.

As you can see, the procedures taken to cut a tree are pretty straightforward and sequential. Therefore, if you need to have a large tree lopped, pruned, or cut down, you need to make sure you work with a full service contractor who will see the process through.

Caring for Mature Trees

Also, you need to work with a contractor who can assist you in the care of mature trees on your property. A mature tree can present some problems during a major windstorm or when it rains. During a rainstorm, for example, the canopy can get heavy, which can cause the branches or tree to fall perilously close to a building or a car. During a windstorm, sticks and twigs can harm people as well.

Make Sure the Company Carries Worker’s Compensation Insurance

When selecting a company, make sure it has the proper insurance cover too. Because trees and branches can end up damaging homes, fences, carports, and gates, it is important to make sure the tree trimming company is covered in this respect. Tree lopper workers and tree trimmers should be covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Otherwise, another disaster could unfold.

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