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SPC vinyl vs SPC timber: What’s the difference?

While most looking for a more affordable option than authentic timber flooring, many will encounter SPC vinyl flooring. Featuring a décor film on top of a stone-polymer composite (where the SPC short form comes from), these vinyl options are generally much more economical than timber boards or even laminate boards.

Recently, a new alteration of the SPC product has been bought to Australia. Named SPC timber, it replaces the décor film with a timber veneer. Brought to you by the patented wholesaler from sunstarflooring.com.au, here’s the differences and similarities of the innovative SPC timber and SPC vinyl.

The visible texture

One of the most deterrent aspects of SPC vinyl flooring is the lack of pattern differences of the décor film. Often come in a pack of five boards, some manufacturers only create five variations of vinyl for differentiation in a box. And the use of vinyl flooring will become apparent when multiple boxes are used.

While the repeating pattern of vinyl flooring might not be that influential to general household, the affordability of SPC vinyl will become apparent for more exquisite residential properties or commercial applications. For bigger establishments, the repetitive pattern from SPC vinyl floors is often seen as a cost-cutting measure rather than upscaling the design of the interior.


The authentic feeling from timber is not easily replicated even with quality vinyl décor films. While vinyl can recreate to a pattern of timber, the minor details of actual wood, such as its colour shift and depth between the layers, cannot be done on vinyl. Despite not being a huge drawback, such issue made SPC vinyl flooring less impactful in enhancing the interior.


When considering timber flooring options, some often turn down the use of it with the vulnerability of timber against drop objects. Despite embedding actual timber veneer, SPC timber has the same rigidity as SPC vinyl against object drops.

Because of the similarity of structure between SPC timber and SPC vinyl flooring, the timber variant has basically the same features that can be expected from the vinyl counterpart. With the stone polymer composite, SPC timber builds on the stone-like rigidity of SPC to offer the hardness expected from authentic timber boards while fighting against accidental drops.

The timber veneer in SPC timber is also protected with an innovative UV coating that forms a highly durable, waterproof layer on top of the veneer. The layer made SPC timber resistant to almost all forms of hits and scratches. No matter if you owns a pet or using SPC timber for a commercial property, the coating is able to withstand the physical damage from these applications. In fact, the wholesaler is offering 10-year commercial warranty and lifetime residential warranty of its SPC timber products.

Other features

Because of the basically same structure, the benefits from SPC vinyl flooring, including clip installation, sound reduction and water resistance, are all inherited to SPC timber flooring, which the authentic timber texture shine over the vinyl variant.

Offering similar affordability, the authenticity of naturalness from SPC timber is something SPC vinyl cannot compete. For your next timber option, consider SPC timber as well.

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