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Ten myths about installing solar panels and how to access them

Some myths and doubts exist, concerning the generation of photovoltaic energy, and the installation of solar panels, both in private homes, as in companies. From the efficiency of this service to the investment that must be made for it, many do not dare to make the decision.

An expert from Aztech Solar, a company that develops photovoltaic energy projects, and who has extensive experience in land identification, resource analysis and a deep understanding of installing solar and its regulations, explains what the doubts and myths are more common then people have and the answers these, to be able to choose the best clean energy system.

  1. I require a lot of space to install it: The systems today are becoming more efficient and can be installed in small spaces (from 2m2). Also, there are new architectural trends that allow occupying vertical walls, parking ceilings, and available roof or even on the same floor.
  2. The price of the system is very high: Photovoltaic solar energy is currently more profitable than banking instruments, such as term deposits. Despite requiring an initial investment, they are projects that generate income or decrease costs and are designed for a long life with guarantees of up to 25 years.
  3. I don’t have the knowledge to maintain the system: While the concepts of electrical energy may seem complex, you do not need any knowledge for its operation. They connect and disconnect automatically and can also be monitored with web applications and installable on your smartphone.
  4. The system will allow me independence in general power outages: The most common and economical systems are On-Grid systems, which will only work when the power grid is operational. You can install systems that allow you independence, but you must request an Off-grid or UPS system, which, despite being more expensive, will allow you to have energy in emergencies.
  5. The systems are very invasive. Installation is usually done on available rooftops and jobs are not done in common spaces.
  6. I must change the entire electrical system of my house: PV systems are an additional one and do not require replacement of your electrical installation, but only modifications. Yes, it is an obligation to certify your installation before the inspection body like any electrical installation, which will also give you guarantees.
  7. My consumption is so low that it is not justified: The installation depends on the budget if your consumption is very low, you can cover it quickly and start injecting the network, which will be financially rewarded.
  8. Photovoltaic solar panels cannot withstand harsh climates: There are enough examples of systems tested and operated (for example, in countries like Germany where technology is widespread). The dark color of the solar panels, added to the orientation to the North, helps to melt any formation of ice or frost on the surface of the panels.
  9. Solar panels do not work in the cold and on cloudy days: Ultraviolet light is all that is needed to generate energy, even for the cloudiest days, there is generation. Germany, which occupies a low place on effective sunny days, is the capital of solar energy in the world. When solar panels are cold, their efficiency to conduct electricity is better.
  10. Solar systems cannot significantly reduce CO2 emissions: Photovoltaic systems do not produce CO2 emissions or other polluting gases.
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