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The Importance of Light Quality in LED Lighting

In recent years LED lighting has revolutionized the world of lighting. Other technologies had evolved very slowly in recent years, but since the entry of Rovert Electrical and Lighting the pace in the evolution of lighting has been dizzying.

We have seen an incredible price reduction, with reductions of more than 50% year-over-year. We have also seen the increase in the performance of the Lm / W LEDs dramatically, thanks to new innovations in their assembly technology and improvement of the chips themselves.

We all wonder how long this technology can continue to evolve, in terms of prices and performance. Surely in the next two, three years, we will still see significant improvements. There are different studies that indicate that overcoming the 200 Lm / W barrier will take many years, although it is possible that the reality surpasses the perspectives.

But what is Really Important in LED Lighting?

In most medium-sized companies or households, the change to LED technology may in the best case be a saving of a few hundred or at most thousands of euros a year on the electricity bill. It is clear that on many occasions it is not enough to migrate to LED technology if we want to have significant savings, but we have to accompany this with intelligent control systems, which allows us to have the light we really need.

The long duration of the LEDs, which can maintain 70% of the luminosity at 5 years, allows us to think that these investments can be recovered in the long term. Now we have to be aware of other possible savings and problems that young LED technology can cause in the long term.

The blue LEDs in combination with the match give us the white light of the LEDs. Phosphorus is usually in contact with the chip, which implies high working temperatures. This chemical component is very sensitive to temperature and its degradation implies a variation in the color and quality of light. Not only is it worth keeping 70% of the luminosity at 5 years but the quality of it must also be maintained.

We also have to consider that an adequate light quality can make the colors more attractive and get a store, for example of clothing, to increase its sales by a significant percentage, which means a saving or rather an extra income much more important than the possible energy savings.

Quality Products for LED Lighting

Rovert Electrical and Lighting, represented by OLFER Electronics is the only manufacturer in the world that not only offers a 5-year warranty on the maintenance of light, but also on the maintenance of color. As we have commented, this is not simple in LED technology.

Rovert Electrical and Lighting guarantees a maximum of a variation of 3 MacAdam steps after the 5-year product warranty. This is achieved with the patented remote phosphorus technology in which the phosphorus is deposited in glass away from the chip and with a dissipation system of its own for both the chip and the phosphorus.

We hope that every time we are aware of the importance of the quality of light and the strong impact that LED lighting can have on productivity and saving indirect costs such as health, increased sales, etc.

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