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Things to consider when buying a bed frame

When you’ve had that rough day, with many things not adding up, all you need is some good rest. That means you need a good bed that you can call home. When you’ve a stylish bed frame, your bed becomes your focal point in your bedroom, adding up to your décor and still increases your storage space. That means you can’t just go for any bed frame; you’ve to carefully choose the style that will precisely fit into your décor and one that will ensure comfort.

Following are some of the things you need to consider when choosing a bed frame

Get the size of your mattress.

Before you choose your bed frame, you need to get a mattress that you love. That way, you’ll have the correct details of the size, color, and type of a bed frame that matches. With a full-size mattress, you’ll need a double bed frame. For the queen-size mattresses, you’ll need to look for queen-size frames. Most importantly, if you’ve the king-size bed, you need to get the details on whether it’s the eastern king or the California king size. These are pretty different, and one size cannot fit the other. Are you buying the entire bed-set from scratch? Consider the size of your bedroom and the available space for your bed. You don’t want to invest in an expensive bed frame only to realize that it’s too big for your bedroom; it can be very heartbreaking.

Get the size of your room.

The most significant piece of furniture in your bedroom is the bed. And those large bed frames can overpower a small room. Therefore, before you go looking for your bed frame, place your mattress on the floor and lay down your pillows. Then using masking tape, you can approximate the size of your bed against the available space. If the room is too much squeezed, you may need to look for a simple metal-framed bed. A platform bed frame is also another perfect space-saving option.

Platform vs. Boxspring Bedframe

When you’ve many beds, go for a mattress and no box spring. That way, buying a platform bed becomes a wise choice for anyone who’s keenly watching their budget. If you want your bed to be a little higher off the ground, a platform bed can accommodate a box spring, and this also solves the question of firmness.

Bed height and bulkiness

Are you looking forward to a more elaborate bed, such as a four-poster or canopy bed? Then you need to aim your tape measure toward the ceiling so that your room doesn’t feel cramped. If you’d want to have a sleigh bed or a bed frame-headboard combination, then you’ve to do some extra measuring. All you have to know is that you may have to disassemble the bed to fit in your bedroom door, whatever the size.

You need to look out for numerous things when choosing a bed frame, but the size, comfort, durability, and decorating style are some of the things you must pay close attention to. You can choose your bed frame from a reputable online collection that gives you various bed frame sizes at reasonable prices.

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