Five Reasons to Install Living Walls

Living walls are created by mounting plants on walls making a vertical wall garden. This home design has been trending lately among commercial, public, and institutional areas hence the need for people to keep up with the latest trends by installing a plant wall in their buildings. This trend is believed to have several benefits to the occupants of a building. When selecting the type of plants for indoor places, proper research must be done to identify the type of plants that do not require high maintenance such as low ground covers, succulents, and ferns. For outdoor plants, the location at which they are placed determines the plant kind. It is also necessary to consider the various factors that may affect the plant’s flourishing e.g., water and sun requirements.

Examples of living wall designs include:

  • Bath vertical gardens.
  • Modern stairwell living wall.
  • Geometric living wall gardens.
  • Pool area living wall.
  • Minimalist green living wall.
  • Vertical kitchen garden walls.
  • Vertical living artwork.

Living walls can be created on both the external and internal parts of the property. The type of plants that survive indoors and outdoors differ since they have different growth requirements. There are various reasons and benefits of installing plant walls especially for the quality of air and the health benefits to the building residents. Plant walls can be made and modified to variety of sizes that can be installed depending on the special properties of the installation location.

If you spend a lot of time in any particular interior spaces such as office an office or your home, you should consider installing living walls because of:

  1. Air Purification

Offices, homes, and various buildings require fresh and quality air. The air quality in a place can have effects on the occupants and affect their performance at work or within the building. Some of the effects of poor-quality air include sore throat, fatigue, eye irritation, and dizziness. People with complications can also be affected further by air quality especially those with asthma conditions. The plant walls improve air quality by supplying oxygen, absorbing VOC from the atmosphere, and leaving a fresh and healthy environment.

  1. It is Essential for Small Spaces

Some people have very limited space to create gardens. This type of gardening design allows such people to own living gardens within their buildings making them experience greenery. These gardens require minimal space and are therefore a suitable choice for people living in cities and have limited spaces.

  1. Positive Effect on People’s Psychology.

Green walls tend to make people feel better, happier and lift their spirits. This in turn helps in improving the mental health of most people. Such walls are therefore useful in commercial settings and residential environments. The plants give people a healthy feeling and make them more productive.

  1. Noise Insulation

Places that require silence can employ living gardens to prevent noise pollution. The gardens are known to absorb noise creating a silent conducive environment for occupants, especially in offices.

  1. Improves Productivity

Creating a green wall is likely to improve people’s productivity. Some of the productive benefits of plants include.

  • Improved learning.
  • Improved problem-solving skills.
  • Higher creativity.
  • Enhanced moods.
  • Improved concentration.


The benefits of installing a green wall within a building or in an exterior space are plentiful. The walls not only improve the appearance of spaces but also have a positive impact on the residents and users of the spaces. Additionally, such gardening designs do not consume much space yet provide occupants with greenery. Having living walls within buildings also work as air conditioning systems to improve the air composition within a room.

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