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Tips for Renovating a Small Bathroom

If your rather limited bathroom is in need of renovation, this might be a golden opportunity to make some major alterations, such as removing the bath or even moving the toilet, which could give you a little more floorspace. Space is always the issue with a small bathroom, and with that in mind, here are a few tips to ensure that you make the best out of the available space.

  • Install a Digital Shower – Remove the bathtub and replace it with a bespoke corner shower, which will not only give you a few more yards of room, it will also reduce the amount of water and energy you use. If you are looking for a new bathroom in Glasgow, there are affordable bathroom renovation specialists who can design and create the ideal room.
  • Wall Mounted Cabinets – One or two bespoke wall cabinets is more than enough storage space, and if the bathroom is of a strange shape, some made to measure carpentry will ensure you make us of every square foot.
  • Make Use of Glass – Being transparent, glass reflects, and this can give the impression of being larger, and with a mirror and glass shower screens, you have lots of reflective surfaces.
  • Luxury Vinyl Flooring – If you love the look and feel of timber, luxury vinyl is the ideal flooring, as it is completely waterproof and very easy to clean. There are many designs; timber, stone and slate, so there will be something that goes perfectly with your décor.

If you find the right bathroom renovation company, they will help you make all the right choices and can work to your budget to build your dream bathroom.

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