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Tips On Becoming a Reputable House Sitter

When people travel, they usually hear about house sitting. This is the concept of letting someone else take care of the house and their pets while the owner is away. There are also times when a house sitter takes care of a home for years because the owner does not live there anymore but wishes to keep the house taken care of anyway. Many people are taking it upon themselves to become professional house sitters to earn extra cash.

Since homeowners usually entrust a whole property to the hands of a stranger, it is crucial that you build a reputation as a trustworthy house sitter. Here are some of the tips to achieve just that:

Appear Trustworthy in Your Profile

If you have already chosen a platform, the next step is crucial for you, which is building your profile. An owner is going to let a stranger into their house, so you must show them that you are trustworthy. Tell them exactly who you are and why they should entrust their home and pets to you. If you are only signing up for house sitting because of free accommodation, forget about it. House sitting will entail a lot of responsibility, and it is vital that you don’t bite more than you can chew.

State in your profile facts about yourself, highlighting your best qualities that make you an excellent house sitter. You can also put in your hobbies like reading and writing. If you like partying too, it would be better not to put it in your profile.

You can also share your previous experiences about house sitting or pets in general. Also, tell them why you are interested in house sitting.

Put In Reviews and References

Another essential thing to put in your profile is the references to your experiences. You can add the reviews of your friends, family, or former bosses to make your profile look good. Reviews are feedbacks from homeowners after a job is done.

Find a House Sit That’s Perfect For You

Make sure that your schedule is flexible enough to accommodate house sit requests. If your schedule is more flexible, there will be more opportunities for you to find a house to offer your services to. If the house sit period is just short, you can opt to look for a place that’s near your home. If the house-sit job will take months, it is okay if it is farther from your house.

If you are interested in taking care of the house and pets for other people and want to make some extra cash, you can check out happyhousesitters.com.au for safe house sit assignments. They also employ the best and trustworthy house sitter.

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