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Transform Your Home with a Wood Burning Stove

Nothing beats sitting close to a wood burning stove during the winter when the temperature has dropped dramatically outdoors. Wood burning stoves don’t just heat up your room, they give you that extra bit of comfort that doesn’t come from something like an electric fire. Today’s units are technologically advanced heaters that are a lot different from the wood burners of old. You can invest in a modern wood burning stove in Lymington to help transform the look of your home. They come in a wide range of quality models, so you can choose from any of the following:

  • Barbas Stoves
  • Chesney’s Stoves
  • Chilli Penguin Stoves
  • Clearview Stoves
  • Contura Stoves

Installation Options

Wood burning stoves are so popular because you can place them almost anywhere. If you can run a vent outdoors, they can be installed in any room. A well-placed unit can completely replace your heating system.

Radiant Heat

The quality of heat you get from a wood burning stove cannot be matched by any other heating unit. They give off radiant heat that warms an area a lot faster than something like a domestic heating system. The type of heat you get off a stove is a lot different to a radiator.

More Economical

Wood is a cheaper than other heating products such as oil, gas or electricity. If you practice strategic zone heating, your home will be cosy and warm in every corner for a fraction of the cost. In addition to being economical, it is better for the environment.

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