What to choose bottled water or Dafi jugs

Water is one of the most important elements of life. Taking care of health, we also need to ensure that the water we use every day to prepare drinks and dishes is free from contamination and safe for our body. One option is to buy bottled water, but it is not cheap or convenient, or even not as simple as it might seem.

Bottled water – what is worth knowing?

The composition of the water we buy is worth paying attention. The cheapest water can be very low in any mineral components, often neither mineral water nor tap water enriched with minerals or spring water. However, this requires us time and knowledge to compare chemical compositions and select the optimal solution. Taking care not only about our own health, but also about ecology, we should realize that when we buy bottled water we generate up to 26 kg of plastic a year, for which we also pay for the disposal and utilization. Extraction and bottling of water also burden the natural environment.

Are Dafi jugs a good alternative?

The operation of the Dafi pitcher is very simple, we pour water straight from the tap, which flows through the filter cartridge and is ready! The filter cartridge ensures healthy and clean water, free from organic and mechanical contamination. A small overall filter provides about 150-200 l of water per month, which corresponds to 100-130 half-litter plastic bottles bought in a store. In addition, the filter cartridges are fully recyclable. Thanks to this, the use of filtering jugs is not only convenient and healthy, but also ecological and economical, as it reduces the costs of maintaining a household.

Jugs have a very universal use in the household. Thanks to them, we always have access to cheap, healthy and tasty water, which can be drunk directly without spending money on bottled water and disposing of many kilos of plastic packaging later. Filtered water can be used to prepare food and drinks, including for children, and is safe for household appliances.

Alkaline-generating filters are also available. They increase the pH of the water and give it a negative oxidation-reduction potential and the highest degree of chlorine and organic contamination, making it the best alternative to bottled waters (Dafi Alkaline Up).

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