Common Mistakes You’ve Been Making with Your Roof

Your roof is arguable the most important component of your home, without this structure in place and in excellent working order, you wouldn’t be able to live as you currently do.

Too Much Insulation

Many of us think that insulation is important in our homes, the more the better. But too much insulation won’t improve the condition of your roof, it will hinder its performance. If you’ve an attic in your home, don’t over insulate. Over insulating your attic stops inhibits proper ventilation, allowing mould and other problems to occur.

Not Calling a Professional Roofer

You should have your roof checked by a professional roofer at least once a year, if you’ve just been through a severe storm, you should have the structure examined as soon as possible. Qualified roofers in Stock on Trent offer affordable maintenance services, they’ll repair any damage if they find any issues with your roof.

When calling a roofing specialist, remember to ask some of these questions prior to hiring them.

  • Do they specialise in domestic or commercial work, or both?
  • Do they have experience in the industry?
  • What kind of services do they offer?
  • Can they offer a fixed price with no hidden extras?  

Pressure Washer

You must be careful when cleaning your roof, a pressure washer can do a lot of damage to the

structure. It is better to use a hose next time you clean.

If you want to avoid any issues with your roof, it is advisable to contact a professional and let them handle the maintenance and repair jobs.