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What You Must Know about Repairing and Adjusting the Stumps for Your Home

If you’re looking to have your home raised and restumped, then you should know that it is going to be a complicated and arduous task. The latter should only be done by experts that possess the necessary experience and licenses for overseeing such a project.

Before picking which business you’re going to need to do your home raising and restumping, do a little research for recommendations and feedback from previous customers who recently had the work done. Never jump right into selecting a specialist for restumping which may cause you a lot of headaches down the road.

Consider the following factors before restumping your home foundation:

The use of quality materials

Using quality products is the only approach to go when you are restumping a home. Although utilising hardwood lumber is without a doubt the very best product to employ when restumping a house. Unfortunately, they are difficult to come by.

Steel posts are often used nowadays for any restumping work. That said, house stump adjusters need to make some careful preparations before doing any type of work on the stumps directly. Correct home raising and restumping depend substantially on top quality items; however, sometimes, you may need to do a little prep work. For example, when setting up steel posts into the ground, you have to safeguard the steel from rust and disintegration.

To prevent or at least delay a stump from deteriorating, there are a couple of things that contractors can do. The most common is to apply a fresh coat of enamel paint to protect the structure from moisture. After drying, consider coating the post with black tar for additional protection.

Is your contractor using the right tools?

You may have already heard people say that contractors are only as good as their tools. This is undoubtedly true at least for home restumping. Any reputable expert knows that there are no shortcuts as far as restumping is concerned. The correct selection and use of tools are critical when you’re dealing with the highly delicate work of fixing or adjusting a home’s foundation.

One thing that you can be sure of is that specialised tools for restumping are no cheap. If the contractor that you are hiring to restump your home needs to lease some of them, then you may want to start rethinking your choice of a service provider. Restumping specialists who raise houses for a living have the devices they need on hand.

Why restump your home in the first place?

If you live near the coast, then your home’s foundation is susceptible to damage from winds, sand and rising waters. Most homes in such areas are already supported by stumps that naturally degrade over time. Damaged stumps might run you the risk of your house collapsing, which can be dangerous and expensive to fix.

Drooping floor coverings might trigger door jams making it tough to open and close interior doors. This holds true for windows and other access points into your home. Irregular flooring and structure can compound the problem and present additional hazards to homeowners.

Plastered walls will likewise show indicators that the floor joists are starting to bow. Always fixing the same fracture is worthless unless you initially jack up the floor and replace or adjust the stumps.

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