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What You Must Know Before Purchasing a Floor Scraping Equipment

Are you in the market for a floor machine but have no idea what to look out for? One of the first factors that you need to consider is the type of floor you are working on and likewise, the environment.

Floor devices are used to scrub, strip, and polish hard surface floor covering. Many floor devices are created only to do one of these jobs while some are a tad bit more versatile.

In this article, we will go over your options for flooring equipment. Only then can you expect to get a floor scraping unit that is suitable for your needs.

Options for a floor scraping equipment

The two primary kinds of floor devices are single speed and double speed. Single-speed methods are used mostly for one cleaning task, and rate of the machine is then matched to the job it carries out. Double speed flooring machines are more versatile and can be used for scrubbing floors, stripping flooring’s and also polishing floors.

Low-speed devices usually run at around 175 revolutions per minute while double speed machines have two-speed settings which are generally around 175 RPMs and 300 RPMs. 

For scrubbing and essential stripping of floors, it is advised that you use a device that will spin at around 175 RPMs. For polishing a flooring, the maker must be much faster and spin the pad motorist at about 300 RPMs. 

There are three other areas to consider when buying a floor scraping machine


The size of the machine connects to the size of the cleaning disc or brush attached to the lower unit. Power typically relates to the size of the motor that spins the brush. Models like the storm battery powered floor scraper vary in size from 10 inches in size as much as 27 inches in diameter. 

It is essential to match the size of the floor maker with the area you are cleaning. If the area is little or has barriers is a good idea to choose a maker that is smaller and more maneuverable. For large open spaces, a larger cleaning size will be much faster at cleaning the flooring. 


The size of the motor is measured in horsepower. When it pertains to flooring devices, power has typically no impact on how fast the brush or pad motorist will turn. Nevertheless, if you are removing floors and putting extra load on the motor is advised that you have a larger powered device. The majority of floor device motors range in size from 1/2 to 2 hp. 

An added advantage of a larger engine is that it will generally last longer than smaller systems.

Attachments and accessories

Floor attachments are always essential when purchasing any floor equipment. Flooring devices can use such floor attachments as brushes, pad driver’s, sanding discs and scraper discs. 

Scraper discs are used for removing glue or mastic from concrete or other delicate surfaces. These discs can likewise be equipped with diamond blades for re-honing marble or terrazzo flooring’s. It is necessary to check out how much these devices cost before acquiring your flooring machine. Flooring equipment accessories and accessories can quickly build up in price escalating expense of the floor device.

Brushes are commonly utilized for scrubbing hard floor covering and are excellent for cleaning in between grout lines on tile flooring. A pad chauffeur is used in conjunction with floor pads and is usually utilized to either tidy, polish or strip flooring. There are many different sorts of floor pads, and the color of the flooring pad will depend on the kind of task it is utilized for. 

With many flooring pad makers, the darker the color of the pad, the more aggressive the pad will be. Lighter colored pads are generally used for polishing floors and have fine plastic threads. Darker pads such as black or brown are usually utilized for stripping or eliminating old flooring surface from a floor before new floor finish is laid down. Sanding discs can be used in combination with a pad chauffeur to resurface wood flooring’s. These discs take little effort to sand down the most robust wood surfaces. 

Last but not least is a dust vacuum extractor which must always be present when operating floor machinery in enclosed spaces and doing kicks up dust and other airborne particles that can prove to be a health hazard. Although it’s strictly a separate device, a dust extractor is a must-have for operating any flooring equipment.

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