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Why Has Wood Decking Becoming So Popular Nowadays?

What we know as wood decking, is a building material which is used for beautifying external areas such as decks and also patios. Decking is made of various hard and soft woods, the choice of which will all depend on what kind of appearance the homeowner desires.

Wood decking itself gives any kind of outdoor building a head turning superb, natural and rustic look to it that is practically impossible to achieve with any other sort of metal or composite materials.

  • Homeowners who are looking at building a deck will soon understand how it increases the living area, creates an ideal outdoor area for dining, parties and other gatherings.
  • It also happens (naturally!) to increase the selling price of any home which is blessed with it.

Hard Woods

  • Hardwood species are a great choice for any kind of timber decking.
  • Wood of this type provides a natural resistance to all kinds of mould and moisture and gives a deck of this type the perfect strength and sturdiness.
  • Make sure to purchase yours at an affordable price at a cheap timber merchant in Southend.
  • Hardwood stays its natural colour and doesn’t ever need any staining except for when the homeowner wishes it.

And The Soft

  • People normally go for softwood decking due to it being cheaper.
  • This type of softwood is easy to work with, and you will often have highlights of knots and other flaws, which many folk find visually attractive.
  • Softwood timber decks have to be treated with special sealants to help lengthen their lifespan.
  • They can be stained to change their colour.

Doing it Alone or Hiring Experts? 

Ground-level decks and patios can indeed be built by people out there who are good at DIY.

  • But if you’re looking at any wood decking which is going to be built on elevated decks, the job really should be carried out by experienced professionals to minimise the chance of any kind of collapse and also to maximise safety.

An installation undertaken by experts will naturally add to the cost of the wood decks, but it might be legally necessary by local council building codes, depending on the type of building.

How They Work

  • Wood decking segments can be held together with the use of fasteners, such as screws, nails, and bolts.
  • A number of steel plates and/or special fasteners may also be required for any heavy-duty applications.

The Finishing Touches

Depending upon which wood decking you are going to use, you should definitely consider adding protective seals or stains in order to help in conserving the deck’s visual appeal.

A clear sealers will help to prevent any moisture damage, whilst the coloured stains will alter the appearance of the wood and add extra protection.

Looking Perfect!

Don’t forget to take some pictures of your home before and after the job is completed with your new wood decking and note the huge difference in its appearance!

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