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Why Iron Should Be Filtered from Water

Iron is troublesome when it is found in water. Even in minute quantities it can lead to the staining of floors and fixtures. In addition, the element can present the following issues:

  • Iron negatively affects the tastes of drinks and foods.
  • The metal can clog pipes, and can lead to blockages that trigger floods and back-ups.

Types of Iron

After water hardness, iron is the next most common problem that homeowners may face if they need filtration. In water supplies—particularly well water—iron is seen in one of the following three forms:

  • Ferric iron, also referred to as red water iron, is a clear iron that is exposed to oxygen. As carbon dioxide leaves the iron, oxygen tinges the water red.
  • Ferrous iron, frequently called clear water iron, originates from groundwater or deeper wells. Carbon dioxide affects the iron in the ground, which in turn creates ferrous bicarbonate. Ferrous ions are then formed in the water. Water treatment in Devon often focuses on removal of ferrous iron.
  • Bacterial iron is often found in slime in locations such as toilet reservoirs.

Types of Filtration Used

Various filtering methods are used, depending on the type of iron.

  • Iron bacteria is often controlled with in-house treatment or periodic chlorination. Activated carbon is frequently used for filtering so that any excess chlorine can be eliminated.
  • Ferric iron is normally filtered with a membrane filter to remove the insoluble iron. In some instances, it is necessary to add a coagulant to the water supply.
  • Ferrous iron can be removed by various methods, including oxidation, ozonation, or aeration.

Regardless of the method employed or the type of iron, it is one element you want removed from your water supply.

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