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How Do I Choose the Ideal Four Poster Bed Frame

The style of a bed frame will normally tell you about its level of comfort and range of capabilities, as well as its good looks in a bedroom. A more and more popular design being chosen nowadays is the classic four poster bed frame, featuring four tall posts at every corner of the bed.

Way back in the past, this type of frame was used to support a surrounding canopy that was used to help keep heat inside the bed area, stop insects and offer some privacy, although today, they are mostly decorative.

  • Choosing a beautiful four poster bed frame starts with a careful assessment of the bedroom area where it will be placed by determining the best size frame by measuring the room.

Making Any Bedroom Look Elegant

You should consider the size of the bed you will need, by thinking about who will be sleeping in it. Great quality four poster bed frames can come in various sizes, from king and queen all the way down to a full or twin.

  • Larger frames are for one or more adults, while smaller beds are usually more suitable for smaller adults or children.

The frames are designed to match a specific mattress size, and the components are not normally interchangeable. You should measure the length, width, and height of the bedroom to get a good idea of what size four poster bed frame will fit perfectly into it as you wish. The height measurement is certainly of importance, due to the posts which can extend quite high (maybe even high enough to touch the room’s ceiling!)

Choice of Materials

After having chosen the right size, you will next have to consider the material and the design of your four poster bed frame. Some frames are made from wood, with different types of wood being available.

  • Hardwoods are commonly more expensive than a softwood because of it being naturally more visually attractive and durable, not to mention heavy.
  • Modern frames, these nowadays, are made from metals such as Iron, steel and aluminium and most people are going for them for their durability and life long lasting strength.

You should think over just how much it is that you wish to spend and which quality frame it is that you wish for, as well as the kind of decor you already have or are going to have in the bedroom.


When you finally have your four poster bed at home in your bedroom, you may be well surprised at how much the ambience of the room has now changed!

  • Every design has its own unique appeal and functionality and with the great bedroom décor to match it, your bedroom will now be looking look not only beautiful, but individual!

And if you do happen to then show it off to your friends, don’t be at all surprised if they ask you where you purchased it and go on to copy the very same bedroom design!

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