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Why You Should Consider a Rain Tank

Any homeowner who is looking to be a little more self-sufficient and wants to live a more sustainable life has probably heard about the benefits of collecting and using rain water at his or her home instead of always using tap water or water from the hose. Any time there is a drought, it is common for the government to place limits on the amount of water that can be used at any particular time. This can have devastating consequences for your yard or flower garden and the best way to get around these restrictions is to have a rain tank on your property that you can use to collect free water.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to having a rain water tank at your home. Any water that you collect will be free and easily stored for the future. It’s common for homeowners to set up systems to use their excess water to flush toilets or to run the laundry, thereby saving even more money. Since rain water is naturally filtered, you can even use it to wash the car or to put in your family’s pool. While it does cost some money to have a tank installed on your property, you will quickly see the savings add up each month.


While some homeowners aren’t afraid to show off their tanks as they let their neighbours and visitors know that they are environmentally friendly, others may want to hide their tanks from public view or make them less visible from the road. It’s easy to screen your tank with bushes or flowers or even to build a small privacy fence around the area where you have it placed. Some homeowners even install small panels around their tanks that they can then grow plants around that will wind up and through the panels for an attractive look. In addition, some tanks are now available in a number of fresh and modern colours that will blend into the surroundings or stand out if you want a pop of colour.

Even if you have never before thought about storing rain water for future use, it is easy to see the vast number of benefits that you can gain from this practice. Some homeowners have worked hard to DIY their own tanks while others prefer to work with a quality, reputable company to ensure that the tank is installed correctly and that they have the right size for their needs. Working with a company that specialises in tank installation ensures that you will have a tank that can hold enough water based on the size of your roof and that you are able to use it for a number of different purposes.

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