Why You Should Groom Your Horse Regularly

Anyone who owns or looks after a horse knows how important it is to regularly groom them. Grooming your horse is a key part of their routine and has many health-related benefits for them. Keep reading to see why you should groom your horse regularly.

Healthy and clean coat

One of the most obvious benefits of grooming your horse regularly is that it keeps your horses coat, main and tail looking shiny and clean. Regular brushing and grooming of your horse will stop any dirt from building up in their fur. Not only will you horse look cleaner, but it will also look healthier. When horses are brushed blood flow is rushed to their skins surface, which helps their skin and coat to become healthier. Uses tools such as a main and tail comb, hoof pick and horse clippers are great for grooming your horse regularly, all of which can be found at Little Fields Farm and many other pet shops. 

Check for health issues  

As well as making your horse look better, grooming your horse regularly has many health-related benefits. Regularly grooming your horse allows you to get up close to your horse and allows you to check for any health issue that they may experiencing. If you horse is suffering from any health-related issues you may notice some of the symptoms on their skin. Grooming your horse regularly will allow you to notice any symptoms or injuries that they may have experienced, before they get any worse. If you notice any symptoms or injuries on your horse’s skin, it is advised that you contact your vet as soon as possible. Contacting a vet will allow them to examine your horse further, hopefully preventing the issue from getting worse. 

Prevents irritation

Like previously mentioned, grooming and brushing your horse regularly prevents any dirt from building up on their skin and in their main and tail. Dirt can easily build up on your horses’ fur, and if left too long it can become lodged. Build up of dirt can cause a lot of irritation for your horse and can sometime leave them in pain. In extreme conditions, lodged dirt can cause your horse to develop skin conditions. Therefore, it is extremely important to groom your horse as much as possible.

Comfort and bonding 

Another great benefit of grooming your horse regularly, is that it helps to form a bond between you and your horse. Like previously mentioned, grooming requires you to get up close to your horse. The more that this is done, the more comfortable your horse will feel around you, ultimately forming a bond and strengthening your relationship. Proving that grooming can be enjoyable and comforting for both you and your horse. 

Hopefully from this guide you will see the importance of grooming your horse regularly and the benefits that come with it. Not only does it keep your horse clean, but it also helps them to stay healthy and happy. 

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