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Your Guide to a Successful Manhole Rehabilitation

Not many people pay attention to manholes. But if you have one or multiple on your property, then you had better pay attention to their construction, age, and current condition.

Manholes are vital to the functionality of our cities. Unfortunately, they can become damaged over time, which can cause lots of problems for manhole owners and property owners.

At worst, a deteriorated manhole can lead to injuries and sewage backups, which can cause even more expensive problems, if not addressed. Luckily, there are some manhole rehabilitation steps you can take once you notice that your manhole isn’t in the greatest shape.

Keep reading to learn about your manhole repair options, so you can enjoy a problem-free property today.

Common Sources of Manhole Damage

You would think that cement tubes underground are pretty strong, right? Well, there are a few things that can actually cause damage to manholes.

Earthquakes are one of the most common sources of damage for areas near fault lines, such as in California. Tree roots also show little mercy to anything in their path, from sidewalks and roadways, to manholes.

Extreme weather can definitely wear down manholes over time as well. This is often the case in northern states, where ice coverage is common for months at a time. Also, severe heat can compromise the integrity of older manholes as well.

Manhole Rehabilitation

Luckily, when a manhole suffers damage, a replacement often isn’t necessary. There are some cost-effective repairs available for different types of manholes.

First off, if the manhole is otherwise structurally sound, but has suffered some minor cracking, you can grout the manhole to seal off the cracks and breathe new life into it.

First, you or your contractor will need to clean the manhole of debris and buildup that may have gotten in due to the cracks. Then, an industrial-strength grout can be added to match the current manhole and surface type. This is one of the simplest rehab options.

Major Manhole Rehabilitation

If the manhole has suffered greater damage that may compromise the structural integrity of the manhole, a more serious repair is needed. Luckily, this is still more cost-effective than replacing the entire manhole, which can affect nearby sewer pipes.

A manhole insert can be added to the existing manhole, which helps to reinforce the current structure. The manhole lining is inserted into the clean manhole and cured into place.

High-grade polyurethane spray can also be applied to the inside of the manhole, which can bind the walls together. It also protects the interior surface of the manhole against things like corrosion, rust, and debris buildup.

Both of these methods can drastically extend the life of existing manholes, no matter how old. And they are quick to complete, often done in less than a day.

Repair, Don’t Replace Existing Manholes

Most property owners neglect manholes, but knowing the status of current manholes is important. If you are planning to invest in property that has manholes in place, have them inspected beforehand.

You may need to factor the cost of manhole rehabilitation into your investment.

Looking for more property maintenance tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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