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5 Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

Air conditioning units produce 6 percent of all of the energy in the U.S., and when they run, there can be breakdowns. On a hot and steamy day in Florida, the last thing you need is no AC!

Regular air conditioner maintenance helps avoid costly repairs and keeps the system running smoothly. Some of those tips include regular air conditioner maintenance, changing filters, and buying a programmable thermostat.

Check out these air conditioner tips to keep your system running in tip-top shape.

1. Regular Maintainance

Is your air conditioner blowing hot air?

Scheduled air conditioner maintenance is one of the best ways to find any flaws or issues with your home cooling system. A professional knows what to look for when it comes to air conditioner problems and recommends the proper fix. And should your system need significant renovations, you’ll have an expert to give you the best advice.

Scheduled air conditioner maintenance can help with leaky refrigerants, loud noises, and just a regular check-up.

2. Filters

Part of your regularly scheduled air conditioner maintenance should include changing air filters. A dirty air filter causes your whole-home cooling system not to run properly. Dust and dirt can cause icing of the system and even mold!

Change your filters once a month to avoid any air conditioner problems. Filters are inexpensive, and you can buy them at any home improvement store or order them online.

3. Programmable Thermostat

A new programmable thermostat avoids keeping your home at the same temperature.

Smart thermostats allow you to program your home’s temperature remotely. If you’re running late or there’s a change in your schedule, you can adjust the temperature using your smartphone.

Programmable thermostats keep your system running longer because it’s not running all day long (or when no one is home).

4. Gardening

Air conditioner maintenance tips don’t have to cost a penny, including gardening! Clear away any brush, bushes, or high grass away from your outdoor unit.

Extra growth around the unit forces it to work harder, which could mean more frequent breakdowns.

5. Drains

Check the drains around the system to see if anything is leaking, such as the coolants. When your system runs constantly, things get backed up and become clogged.

Sometimes, pests and insects can get inside the drain systems and make matters worse!

Five Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

There are five air conditioner maintenance tips to consider with your home cooling system, including scheduling regular air conditioner maintenance and changing filters. It also helps to get a programmable thermostat and to do some gardening! In addition, check the drains around your unit.

Are you looking for more information on keeping your air conditioning unit running in the best shape? Please read our website for all of the latest tips and advice. We can help you with the best ways to keep you cool all year long in the Florida heat and sunshine!

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