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6 Common House Painting Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Did you know that homes with a high curb appeal tend to sell for around 7% more?

Giving your house a lick of new paint is a great way to breathe some life into the masonry and boost the value of your property fast. Stand out from the crowd with a beautifully painted house and make a great impression every time.

As beneficial as a house painting project can be, quite a few things could go wrong. This guide allows you to learn from the house painting mistakes of others and avoid some of the most common painting fails. That way, you can get your project done without the stress.

Read on for the four most common house painting mistakes and how to avoid them.

1. Poor Preparation

When it comes to exterior and interior painting, preparation is critical. A little hit of foresight can save time and clean up when the project is complete.

If you’re painting the interior of your house, cover the furniture with dust sheets or plastic wrapping, cover your doorknobs, and move all the furniture to the center of the room.

Always work over a dust sheet and don’t remove any of the wrappings until the job is done.

2. Choosing the Wrong Color

There’s nothing worse than finishing a house painting project only to realize that the color isn’t what you were picturing.

You have millions of paint color options, so take your time when choosing a new hue for your kitchen, living room, or exterior. Try out several samples to see how each color might look on the walls. Create a modern house exterior with stone or steel greys.

3. Not Preparing Surfaces for Painting

Improperly preparing surfaces for painting is a rookie mistake that can have annoying and expensive consequences.

Before you can paint any surface, it needs to be clean, dry, and free from dust and mildew. If yure working with existing paintwork, ensure you use a bonding paint to prevent surface cracking and bubbling.

Painting dirty or dusty walls will give an uneven finish and significantly reduce the lifespan of your paintwork.

4. Ignoring the Weather

Obviously, this isn’t an issue with indoor painting, but you need to be wary of the weather when you paint the outside of your home.

If the humidity is very high, water-based paints can take a long time to dry, drawing the project out and delaying the application of a second coat. If possible, wait until the humidity drops before picking up your house painting tools.

Don’t Make These House Painting Mistakes

A house project can go one of two ways. Either you boost the value and esthetic of your home, or you do a poor job and make a mess.

Learn from the mistakes of others and always be sure to avoid these four top house painting mistakes. That way, you’ll get an end result you can be proud of.

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