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7 Types of Cabinet Doors used in Kitchen

Are you thinking about renovating your kitchen? Do you look for the types of the kitchen cabinet? If so then you have reached the right destination. Explore the most trending and new kitchen cabinet doors from here. The great and unique way to remodel your kitchen without spending more on the redesign is to add the new cabinet’s doors to your kitchen. In the present scenario, there are many new types of cabinet doors available in the market. So it is essential to choose the best door for your kitchen. The cabinet doors make the huge impression in the kitchen. In the below section you can get the seven types of cabinet doors which is used in the kitchen.

Types of Cabinet doors

There are many types of cabinet doors available in the market. Here you can get top seven types of cabinet doors used in the kitchen.

  •         Flush or Insert doors

The flush and insert doors are one of the type of cabinet doors which is used in the Kitchen. This type of door sits well within the frame of the box. This gives a formal and stylish look to the kitchen. The door side is in the opening. The people must pull on the knob or hand to open the door. If the wood swells on the door then can be trouble to open the door.

There’s also another type of door, the slab cabinets door (european style cabinets). To know more you can visit Best Online Cabinets.

  •         Lipped

This is another type of cabinet door. This lipped door has the groove. This will cuts the way around the door on the back edge. This type is tighter than the insert type. The lipped door has many drawer backs in it. The door fits more secure into the frame of the cabinet.

  •         Full overlay

The full overlay door cabinet is the ideal option for the kitchen. It has the drawer and door which is mounted to cover up the frame of the face. When the cabinet is frameless this type is used often. In addition to that this can overwork the hinges. It gives the cabinets a more custom and stylish look. It needs cabinet hardware to install. It is because there is an only half inch of space between the drawers and doors. So this can make them hard to unlock without hardware.

  •         Traditional overlay

This is the most common type of cabinet door which is used in the kitchen. The traditional overlay is mounted so that it rests effortlessly against the frame. This type has the downside so it has more pull or drug on the hinges which wearing them faster. This is the perfect choice for the kitchen.

  •         Tambour

The tambour is another type of kitchen cabinet door. This door has many separate pieces which are attached to the track. This track allows the door to slide open. The downside to this door type can get off the track and become very difficult to close or open.  It is also known as the garage door. It is the ideal choice for hiding the small appliances such as the blender, toaster, coffee maker and much more which is used on the daily basis. This door opens from top to bottom. The thin horizontal strips allow the wood to roll over the peak of the cabinet when the door is open.

  •         Track doors

The track door has become more popular among the people nowadays. Most of the people use this type of door for its unique features. The person used to place the cabinet doors on the track. This cabinet door has the slide to slide on the ball bearing track. The slide is present one door in the front of the other to access the cabinet inside. This system makes the things easy and simple to keep. Some homeowners use this track in the blemish, especially in the traditional kitchens. This track door looks elegant and stylish for your kitchen.

  •         Pocket doors

This is another type of cabinet door which is used in the kitchen. The pocket doors can be used to the home doorways. As well as it can be used to hide the deeply use task or prep areas in your kitchen. The small pocket in the internal which is usually 3 inches about is built each side of the cabinet. They can look like the other cabinet door when the doors or open. But if you close the door they slide back themselves into. So this is the perfect and ideal choice for the person who wants to remodel their kitchen.


The above are top and best seven types of cabinet doors which are used in the kitchen. Each one has specific features in it.   So choose the best option and upgrades of the cabinet doors which one suits your needs and budgets. All types of cabinet doors are cost different.

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