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8 Nursery Decorating Tips

The task of decorating a nursery is a daunting one, but it is also gratifying when your child has a joyful, beautiful, and cozy nursery to play and sleep in.

Here are some tips to help you get started with one of the best home decoration projects you can undertake.

Choose an Adaptable Crib

You will want a crib that grows along with your child. Some cribs have a side that can be removed to transition into a toddler bed easily, and these are the ones that you want to go for if you are after a value for money purchase.

Of course, safety is still a priority for cribs. Opt for a bassinet on which you can add on toddler rails or adjust the mattress heights as safety measures as well.

Add A Rug

When in doubt, a natural jute rug is always an excellent addition to a room. It can make a room look cozy instantly, making it an excellent addition to any room.

A rug can set the theme or mood for your kid’s room, so pick carefully and choose one that will not clash with the current paint colour and existing decorations!

You can choose to add one big rug in the center of the room or several smaller ones around furniture sets.

Double the Dresser as a Changing Table

If you already have a dresser in your kids’ room, try adding a changing tray and pad to its top. This simple move turns your chest into a dual-duty changing table as well as a cost-effective solution for your nursery.

Having a non-slip mat below the tray will prevent it from sliding around while you change your toddler’s diapers.

Fluff It Up with Pillows

Pillows and throw-cushions add amazing colour accents and personality to the nursery as well. Add some of these cozy accessories to the chairs, crib, or directly on the rug and notice the immediate difference.

You can purchase a few pillowcases with patterns that match the colour tones of the room to make the space look even more appealing.

Decorate with Wallpaper

Choose a wallpaper that matches and sets the tone for the rest of the room.

Get washable wallpaper for your toddler’s first few years to make it easier to clean. There will undoubtedly be scribbles on the wall and dirty handprints in the years to come.

Go for Neutral Tones

Sometimes, simplicity is the best. If you are not sure what theme you want to stick to for the nursery, know that neutral-coloured furniture will not go wrong.

Just by filling the nursery with neutral-coloured furniture, you would already have a decent-looking nursery fit for both little boys and girls.

The room would look good even when your toddlers are growing up, so it is a long-term investment.

Pay Attention to the Lightings

When it comes to a nursery, you want the lights to be able to mimic night-time at any point throughout the day. As such, you can consider adding blackout curtains to the nursery windows.

You can also consider switching the lightbulbs in the nursery to night lights to give a softer, gentler glow to the nursery. This is especially good for those night-time feeds.

Add Some Plants

Nothing livens up a room like the addition of plants. Put a few small pots of flowers on the windowsill, or place a few bigger pots of plants around the corners of the room.

Just be sure to have the plants out of your toddler’s reach once they are on the move so that you do not end up with soil or plant remnants all over the room.

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