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8 Types of Windows That’ll Elevate Your Home’s Design

Did you know that your windows are responsible for about 25 to 30 percent of heat loss and gain in your home? Using the wrong types of windows could cost you, and they could make your home not look as good.

Luckily, you have many options for replacement windows. That way, you can choose efficient and aesthetic windows.

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  1. Arched Windows

Arched windows have a round top and a rectangular bottom. You may see these windows in combination with other types, and they can make a great accent.

It can make the window design more interesting than a standard square or rectangular window. Adding one directly above an existing window can add more light and make your house look good.

You usually can’t open these windows, but you may be able to, depending on the installation. An arched window can be great to add visual effect and to soften the lines of your house.

While they aren’t the most expensive out there, they aren’t the cheapest. Still, adding one or two can be perfect for your home.

  1. Bay Windows

If you want to significantly change your house’s appearance, consider adding a bay window. The window uses three different windows that sit and an angle.

Overall, the window extends past the main exterior wall. You may need to redo your living room to add space for a bay window.

The window is also larger than other options, so it can cost more. You’ll also need to hire a professional to install the window.

But once you have the window, it can add more light and bring more visual intrigue to the exterior and interior of your home. Then, you can even take advantage of the extra space.

  1. Egress Windows

The main purpose of an egress window is safety. However, it can also look good with some other home aesthetics.

You typically put egress windows in the basement, and they can serve as an exit. The windows have to meet size requirements based on where you live, and they need to be big enough for you to get through.

Still, they don’t have to look bad when you aren’t using them. You can choose a beautiful and practical design for the home.

If you can consider the landscaping around your egress window, you can make it look even better. That way, it will be functional and aesthetic.

  1. Garden Windows

Another excellent type of window to use in your home is a garden window. A garden window extends past your main wall like a bay window, but it’s much smaller.

Using a garden window is perfect if you want to grow plants indoors. The window looks like a box with a flat bottom and sides, and it has a sloped top.

All of the sides and top are clear glass with window trim. You can place your plants in the garden window so that they get enough sun.

And you don’t have to tend to an outdoor garden or deal with pests or weather. Find out more about this excellent window if you want to grow a garden.

  1. Glass Block Windows

If you want to go for a different aesthetic, you can also use glass block windows. These windows are usually thicker than other types of windows, and you can’t open them.

A glass block window can be an excellent accent, and it can add extra light. But the glass block design makes it hard to see details inside or outside.

So you won’t have to worry as much about privacy. You don’t need to add a curtain or blinds on the inside.

Installing a glass block window can be affordable, depending on the size. You can use one or more throughout your house.

  1. Picture Windows

A picture window can make your view in or out just like a picture. The windows don’t have any crossbars or other obstructions, so you can see through them at every angle.

They’re a great option if you have a beautiful view and want to enjoy it. But they can also make the outside of your home look more minimalistic.

All you have to deal with is the window and window trim. Now, that does mean you’ll need to replace the entire thing if it cracks.

However, it can make your home look cleaner than having crossbars or window panes. And you can keep it to your front windows if you don’t want one everywhere.

  1. Round Circle Windows

Round circle windows are great if you need an accent. You can actually get them in a few shapes, such as circles, ovals, and ellipticals, so you can choose a shape that matches your home aesthetic.

The different window styles can add extra light, and they can give your home a historic look. These windows were popular in the Victorian and Gothic eras, so you can easily add that design to your home.

Any of these types of windows can make your home look more interesting, regardless of history. While you can’t open them, you can use them to easily change your home’s design.

  1. Transom Windows

If you want to spruce up your doorway, add some transom windows. These are small square windows that go around your front door.

You may also see circular windows or windows of other shapes. These window treatments can emphasize where your front door is, and they can make your exterior and interior look good.

The windows will let light into your foyer, and it can make your door look bigger from the outside. That can help if you have a big porch and if your door isn’t a bright color.

And since the windows are small, replacement windows are easier to find and install. You won’t have to replace a big piece if one cracks or has other issues.

Choosing Types of Windows

The best types of windows for your home should be practical and also match your home’s design. For some, that means adding accent windows, like arches or transom windows.

In other cases, you may want to use a picture window or bay window to add extra light. Either way, consider different types of windows to find the right ones for you.

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