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Why Is My Garage Door Remote Not Working?

Picture this: You’re coming home after a long day at work. You try to open the garage door with your remote, but the door doesn’t respond.

This is more likely to happen than you think. Your garage door may be the most frequently used entrance in your house, so it’s bound to get stuck from time to time. The real question is why the door isn’t working in the first place.

Most of the time, the issue will have something to do with your garage door remote. Here are four common reasons for your garage door remote not working and what you can do about it.

Depleted Batteries

Sometimes, fixing the issue may be as simple as replacing the batteries. Most types of garage door remote batteries will only last a year or two.

Check whether your batteries are dead by using the control panel to open the garage door. If the door responds, replace the remote’s batteries and see if that fixes the issue. Make sure to pick the right ones—most remotes use 1.5-volt and 3-volt batteries.

Wiring Malfunction

If replacing the batteries doesn’t help, it’s time to consider bigger issues. One of them is a wiring malfunction on your opener’s receiver board.

To make sure this is your issue, test the quality of your opener’s wiring. First, unplug the opener and disconnect the wires from the motor. Then, reconnect your machine, clear its memory, and reprogram all controls.

Once that’s done, unplug the device again and reconnect the wires to the motor. Finally, disconnect the wires via wall-mounted controls. All that’s left now is to use the remote to test the functionality of the door.

Disrupted Signal

Having trouble with your garage door remote not working consistently? If so, the signal between the remote and the transmitter may be noisy.

Try standing within 20 feet of the garage door and using the remote. If the door opens, check the opener’s antenna for excess debris buildup.

If the antenna seems damaged, have a professional fix it. Click here for more information on professional garage door repair.

Blown GFI

Another reason why your garage door opener only works sometimes is a blown GFI.

If you’re not sure what a GFI is, its main function is to protect your home from electrical dangers. Have you ever used a hairdryer and had to hit the reset button on the wall outlet? That’s your GFI preventing you from blowing a fuse.

A malfunctioning GFI can cause all sorts of issues with a garage door. When you use the remote, it might start using the backup battery or stop the door from opening at all. The solution: Press the reset button on the wall outlet and try again.

More on the Garage Door Remote Not Working

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for your garage door remote not working. Some have simple DIY fixes, but plenty will require a professional’s help. If you’re not sure which group your issue falls into, the smart money’s on calling a professional.

Now, what do you do if your remote works fine but the garage door won’t open with a wall switch? Keep reading our Home Improvement section to find out!

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