A Few Common Tree Surgeon Services

A tree surgeon is someone who works on trees for customers. There are many reasons why you might need a tree surgeon. You might need to call a person to help you with trees that have grown too large for your house. Some trees can be planted too close to other trees or to your home. You might want a surgeon just to prune your trees or to fell a tree simply because you don’t like the way it looks in your yard.

Common Services

These are a few of the most common reasons someone calls tree surgeons in Essex.

  • If a tree dies, it will begin to weaken at the roots, which means that it will be more likely to fall over during a storm. A falling tree is a danger to your life and your property; you’ll need a surgeon to remove it.
  • If a tree grows too tall, it will become a danger as it could fall during a storm as well.
  • If a tree is planted too close to your driveway, the roots can begin to work their way through the cement or concrete.
  • If a tree is planted too close to another tree, it will compete for space and resources.

Felling or Lopping?

In some cases, such as with a tree that has grown too tall, you might want to lop the tree. Lopping the tree is the process of removing large parts of the tree so that it is a more manageable size. It threatens the health of the tree, but if you were planning to fell it anyway, that’s not a big problem.

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