A Guide to Building the Perfect Garden Pond

If you would like to have a garden pond that is the talk of the neighbourhood, it isn’t as hard as you might think. If you pick the right location and use quality components, your pond will certainly be the highlight of your garden, and with the right fish and fauna, the water based attraction will complement the surroundings.


This is critical and while you might prefer the pond to be nearer the house, be careful about overhanging branches, as falling leaves will make cleaning the pond a nightmare. The ideal spot would have a few hours of sun per day, with the rest of the time in the shade, and this is perfect for both fish and plants. If you are in any doubt about where to put your pond, ask a landscape gardener for his valued opinion, and he will put you right. If the budget stretches that far, you could always hire him to do the job.

Online Solutions

Once you have made a list of the components you will need, they can all be purchased at a single website. Swell’s range of pond liners have a lifetime guarantee, and they also stock many pond accessories at affordable prices.

Type of Pond

You could go for a formed pond, which is a moulded unit, and they come in many shapes and sizes, with a typical pond being kidney shaped, and about 10 foot by 5 foot. The depth would be around 2 feet, so make sure you dig a hole slightly deeper than that. Alternatively, you could use a quality pond liner, and this allows for more creativity in the shape and design of the pond. It is also cheaper, and a moulded pond will cost a lot more than a good liner.

Water Flow

The secret to a healthy pond is a good flow of water, and this can be created with a circuit of PVC pipes that form a loop. The pump will ensure that the water is regularly recycled, and without this, the pond will soon become stagnated and your fish will die. An electrician or your local handyman would be able to run a power line underground from the house, and this can power the pump and the LED lighting, which will illuminate the pond at night.

Grand Ideas

If you have the space and the budget, why not create a nice rockery with a waterfall? This can easily be done in a weekend, providing you have all the equipment at hand. Think carefully about the type of fish you plan to use, as the climate and environment need to be suitable, and if you have a few cats, this could be a problem. Any garden pond requires a degree of maintenance, and with regular cleaning, it should be a healthy environment for the fish and plant life.

By doing some online research and knowing your budget, you can easily come up with a good design that will eventually become the focal point of your garden and it will be the envy of all your neighbours.

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