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Always On Point: Why Acrow Props Are Still Number One In Shoring

Technology is always advancing, with many older inventions making way for their new and improved descendents. But one thing has and will continue to remain: the use of Acrow props on construction sites. This is because there is simply no way to advance this already perfected construction technology.

Providing unparalleled support for builders as they move up the various site levels, this awesome equipment is something that simply cannot be surpassed in terms of strength and efficiency.

So, what is it about this imperative tech that helps it maintain its place as number one? Let’s take a look at why they are and will continue to be the numero uno when it comes to supporting overhead structures:

1. Nothing beats them for supporting structures

The best Acrow props for sale Sydney has available are renowned for their unrivalled supporting ability. The design may seem simple, and, of course, it is, but this simple design is imperative to ensuring the safety of construction workers as they continue to build upwards.

They exist to support each new level and its structural integrity, keeping the structure and those working on it safe. And, whilst this makes them perfect for large scale builds, they can be used just as well for home DIY projects where you have to support an overhead structure whilst doing that long-awaited renovation.

2. They are a lightweight design with plenty of holding power

 People who pick up this equipment for the first time often get a bit of a shock. “How? How can something so light provide so much support?” is the typical question. Well, in reality they have an incredibly high load bearing capacity, as they are made from tough materials like steel. This toughness allows builders to safely rely on them and adjust them as necessary whilst moving up the project’s levels.

3. They improve workplace safety

 Naturally, having heavy load bearing ceilings is a bit of a workplace hazard. And for this reason entrepreneur William de Vigier invented them way back in 1935. He saw the dangers imposed upon construction workers and decided to produce technology that would improve worksite safety.

Enter the legendary Acrow prop, and its design has barely changed since its creation, hence why it’s still the gold standard in construction. Workplace safety is the number one concern on any worksite, and Acrow props exist to make a marked safety difference.

4. They are super easy to use

 Whilst it’s great having support structures that work with such efficiency, it’s also imperative for builders to be able to use the technology without any issues. Acrow props are unbelievably easy to use, and unlike other worksite technology, which can be quite complex to master, these supporting beams simply blend into the overall process of construction and can be moved and adjusted with ease!

5. They are super versatile

 With the ability to be used both at home and on large scale construction sites, it’s easy to see how their versatility helps them retain their place as the ultimate shoring equipment. Whether you’re being handy in the home or building Sydney’s newest skyscraper, you can be sure that this technology will help get the job done in a much safer, more supportive environment.

So, as you can see, there are many reasons why this equipment is perfect for builders and home DIYers looking for the safest shoring technology. And, when you can hire it for such good prices, it’s easy to see why it continues to be number one for secure shoring!

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