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Beautiful and Elegant Japanese Home Décor Accents

Japan is famous for many things. Food, culture, history and everything else about the Land of the Rising Sun is very distinct and unique. However, in this article we would like to focus on house decoration in the Orient. It is no secret that a lot of the trends were taken in by westerners and adopted to their lifestyle. But what are the ones worth most attention? Which details symbolise the best and most impressive things Japan has to offer?

Bonsai Trees

The culture of ‘tiny’ and little things is really a big thing in Japan (pun intended). From glorifying tiny female feet, all the way to making sure trees are sustained to growing no taller than one foot – this country has brought to the rest of the world a type of plants which is recognisable and loved globally.

Yes, Bonsai trees have a unique and lovely appeal that a lot of people enjoy having in their home. The unique trait of Bonsai trees is that they really look like shrunken versions of larger trees. The detail is astonishing!

Shou Sugi Ban

This one is probably not as famous as Bonsai trees, but it certainly isn’t far behind from Bonsai in regards to beauty. Shou Sugi Ban is charred or burnt wood. It’s used for decoration and construction purposes. Besides having much more profound and deeper colours than regular timber, this wood is also notable for the amazing texture and many other perks.

You can have wall décor, floors, ceilings and many other parts of your home made from this sort of wood. Find Shou Sugi Ban wood for sale and see everything by yourself!

Tatami tables

It doesn’t get more Japan than sitting around a small, low-rising table in the middle of the room, right? Tatami tables are not the most common or the most practical of furniture, but if you want something elegant and something truly Japanese – get a tatami table!

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