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Benefits of Box Sash Windows

What can be said for the benefits of the box sash window? Quite a lot, in fact. These days, a lot of people just don’t understand how much a window adds to a property. A general plain style (functional, yes, though plain) seems to dominate most new properties that are being built, and it is usually older buildings that hang on to our country’s more classic designs. But even these period properties can be subject to refurbishments wherein vintage windows are taken out and replaced by something lacking in the same luster. The sash window has endured this problem for some time, but, thanks to recent changes of heart in the conservationally-minded, the sash window has enjoyed its own renaissance.

As such, we think it’s important to let you know just how valuable the sash window can be, in terms of practicality and style. The box sash window, particularly, was originally designed to let in more light and to minimize draughts. When combined with modern double-glazing, the effect is enhanced, helping to minimize heating costs, as well as ultra-violet damage,extra security, and they can even prevent noise pollution from outside.

Whether you are having original or converted sash windows restored, or changing your current windows for the better, the resulting increase in property value is just one of many other benefits of the box sash window.

Not only that, but the box sash window has its own undeniable elegance, without which many houses with converted sash windows are left incomplete. Take a look at your own box sash windows, or those of another property, and you’ll understand just how iconic and irreplaceable the hand-crafted cornices and horns are. You’ll see that they make the box sash more than just a window but a work of art, something special that should never be replaced. We are sure you’ll come to know, like us, that the box sash is something worth preserving for future generations. There is a reason, after all, that the sash window in all its forms, has become so popular all over the world. Take away your sash windows and your house becomes just another house, but preserve this classic piece of British design, and you’ll be proud to say that your house is a box sash one.

For all your sash window queries and needs, you should talk to The Original Box Sash Windows Company. Since 1979 they have become renowned for their specialist sash window knowledge, building and installing box sash windows that are both authentic to the original style, as well as being adaptable and functional enough to meet all the requirements of the modern window. This timeless style is their specialty, and they offer everything from double-glazing to draught-exclusion, proving that the sash can be just as elegant and innovative as it has been for centuries. Visit their website at to viewthe wide array of products and services that they can offeryou. Guaranteed, they can offer you something to suit your needs.

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