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Build Mart Crazy Paving For Your beautiful Landscaping Design

Crazy paving, where irregular stone slab/pieces are used to join together with binding agent preferably mortar, looks contemporary, but in actual, it is a very ancient practice. This ancient practice is still in use in making pavement or walkway in the garden. Sometimes you can see it on the footpath also, where a relatively low volume of pedestrians walks, but it is rare. The name, crazy paving is due to stone pieces used in irregular shapes and different colours. When you are planning to install the crazy paving stones, the very first thing arises in your mind about their strength, but you don’t need to worry about it. Build Mart Crazy Paving that is strong enough for pedestrian movement. Also, they are very durable in comparison to any other pavement material for the particular propose of use. The stone used is also generally referred to as a decorative stone and are frequently used in landscaping design.

ChooseThe Best Material For Beautiful Landscaping

The material used to Build Mart Crazy Paving are stone panels having a smaller size, irregular shape, and are more consistent. To install panels, you can use cement mortar or lime mortar, but the former one is preferable. However, for the area in the garden where practically no man movement, you can even interlock the panels without any binding agent. But in walking area i.e., if you are going to use it as pavement, then the binding agent is essential to avoid weed on the surface.


Colour-wise the stone used in crazy paving comes in three major categories.

  • Russet– It comes in dark grey to medium brown.
  • Onyx– It comes in charcoal grey.
  • Bisque– It comes in the light golden yellow and light greys combined to give a unique and fantastic look.

Due to variance in colours, these stones are not only for crazy paving in landscaping design, but you can also use in walls and columns up to a certain height as the replacement of tiles.

Tips For Installing Crazy Paving

Crazy paving is generally installed on the hard surface like concrete, but it can also be installed soft soil. It entirely depends upon the purpose of installation. Here are some guidelines you can use to lay crazy paving to make its appearance attractive.

  • Compact The base– Whether you are going to Build Mart Crazy Paving on the soft soil or the concrete surface, the base should be well compacted. For a perfectly compacted base stone of forty to fifty millimetres thick is enough with the binding agent. However, it also depends upon the volume of pedestrians i.e., load the pavement is going to bear.
  • Choose the colour wisely– You can choose a perfect one among the available colour depending upon the ambience. You can even mix the different shades of stone to look pavement unusual and funky.
  • Mortar– Generally, the cement-sand ratio taken in the mortar, to use as a binding agent to interlock stone panels, is 1:3 or 1:6 (cement: sand). Richer mixes i.e., 1:3 mortar, should be used where a relatively large load is coming on the pavement.

It is recommended to hire a reliable and reputed local agency to build crazy paving.

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