What Takes Place During a Roof Installation?

If your roof needs extensive repair, the best way to fix it is to replace the entire structure, you may be curious about what happens during a roof installation. If you take good care of your roof and keep it well-maintained, you should only face minor repairs from time to time. But there are occasions when homeowners don’t take of their roofs or a heavy storm destroys the structure. Roofing specialists in Chichester get multiple requests for roof installation services every month, here are some of the main reasons why property owners replace their roof.

  • The roof is old and needs replacing
  • The neighbours are getting new roofs and you don’t want to be the odd one out
  • The structure has suffered from severe weather damage
  • Several shingles are broken or missing
  • The roof’s sheathing is rotten

Preparing Your Home

Before the installation process gets underway, you must clear the area of plants, lawn mowers and cars. Your installation team will also take precautionary steps to protect your home while then work on the project.

Installation Process

The roofing company will then remove the old roof and inspect the decking to see if the wood underneath is in good condition. Once the decking is ready, they’ll install underlayment, and drip edges to prevent rain from getting in.

One this is done; they’ll start to install the new materials on the roof. They’ll start from the bottom and work their way up. When everything is finished, they’ll recheck the structure and conduct a thorough clean-up.