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Tips & Tricks to Make Your Home Shine

Every homeowner dreams of living in a clean and shiny house. In respect to this, they end up hiring expensive services to make their wishes come true. However, cleaning a home does not have to be so costly. You also do not require pricey products and methods to achieve that. Below are simple tips and tricks that can make your home shiny.


A cluttered house does not only make your house messy, but also affects every aspect of your life. Additionally, it can be life-threatening, particularly when you have little children running all over the house. However, there is something you can do about this. Declutter!

Collect toys, personal items, general clutter, among others, and put them in a box until further notice. Ensure that everything is in their designated areas. With that in mind, you will not have to worry when it is time to clean your floor. It will make your work easier and your house shinier.

Vacuum Everything

If you want your house to shine, ensure you vacuum your home before you mop it. It does not matter whether your flooring is made of wood or tiles. Vacuuming is a must! It prevents you from picking up wet hair or coming into contact with dust balls in the corners of your house.

Even so, do not just vacuum for the sake of it. The right techniques and machines will have a significant impact on how effective the process will be. Begin working from the top; start from the light fixture and top of the window casings. Once you are done, focus on the floor. Ensure that you vacuum high-traffic areas two times a week. Moreover, make slow passes in the same area twice in every direction.

There are different types of machines that can help you clean with ease. These will include handheld and canister vacuums. It is also wise to utilize certified True HEPA filters to get rid of all the invisible allergens and particles. Additionally, maintain your vacuum by frequently emptying the canister and changing the bags.

Eliminate Unpleasant Odors

Even with all the effort, a stinking house will never shine. It will make your visitors run in every other direction. Most of these bad odors come from pet stains, cigarette smoking, or mildew. However, they can be eliminated in simple ways such as emptying the garbage can and opening the windows. Find out the cause of the foul smell in your house and act accordingly.

When all is said and done, do not forget to clean your drains because they can also bring about the subtle odor. As for the kitchen and bathroom, pour out half a box of baking soda down the drain. Add a cup of white vinegar then cover the drain with a bowl for a few minutes. After that, pour cold tap water to complete the process. This will make your home fresh-smelling, clean, and shiny.

Bleach the Stains Away

If your marble or cultured plastic laminate has stains, use hydrogen peroxide soaked paper towel to get rid of them. You can cover the cloth with a cup overnight to control the bleach odor. Repeat this process if the stain has not yet disappeared. However, use this trick on hidden areas because it can discolor the surface.

To remove the water stains on glass shower doors, rub a teaspoon of lemon juice two times a month. It will make the water bead and roll off. As for the stubborn rust stains, use acid magic to remove them. It is as effective as muriatic acid but more safer to use.

Clean the Doors

A door is one of the essential components of every house. It is the main highlight of a room as it is what people use to get in. In respect to that, it needs regular cleaning inside and out. You can do this by wiping and spraying the doorknobs, particularly with a disinfectant. Disinfecting the doorknobs is crucial because many people utilize it in a day.

You can use a damp paintbrush to clean the stereo knobs and to dust its crevices. As for the remote control, repeat the same process.

Do Away with the Carpeting

Since carpets have a huge source of fibers, they are the most common reservoir for dust. In spite of that, they are also not easy to clean. Getting rid of your carpet may sound absurd, but it is the best thing to do. It is an excellent idea, especially for those who suffer from allergic reactions.

You can replace the carpet with hard flooring such as tiles, laminate, or even wood. It will be easier to wet and mop instead of sweeping. In most cases, sweeping only stirs up the dust rather than eliminating it.

Clean the Exhaust

Many people tend to focus on dusting the fan blades but forget the exhaust in the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. However, these air ducts contain millions of particles, dirt, hair, pollen, and spider webs, among others. Cleaning them is the only way to ensure that your house is tidy and shiny.

For that purpose, you need a spray with a wet cloth and a blower to remove all the dust. Once you are done, switch on the exhaust to eliminate any remaining dirt and impurities.

Allow the Sun in

A house with sunshine is always sparkling and shiny. All you have to do is open the windows, clean the blinds, pull back your curtains, and let nature take its course. If your house is still dark, you can polish it up a little bit to let in the light.

As you can see, you do not need to break a leg and arm to have a shiny home. It is as simple as that! So, if you want to learn how to clean your house like a pro, try out the above tips and tricks and you will never regret it.

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