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Control your house remotely

A home that listens to us and carries out our instructions used to be an unachievable dream, but today it is a reality. Smart homes are now increasingly common thanks to modern technologies which improve our lives every day. Today, no one can imagine life without a smartphone or the Internet. Everything points to the fact that soon smart homes will be so common that we will not be able to imagine what life was like before them. What possibilities does a smart home give you and what devices can we connect to it?

A remotely controlled command center

Modern technology gives us the ability to remotely control all the most important matters related to our home. When choosing accessories for our smart home, it is worth taking a look at devices by 2N. They are characterized by the highest quality and have a user-friendly interface. IP intercoms by 2N are equipped with an HD camera and high audio quality. Thanks to this, you will know who is standing in front of your door before you open it or start talking using the intercom. Modern IP intercoms can be connected to a home automation system from which you can control the whole house. The system is equipped with a touch screen and Android, thanks to which its operation is extremely simple and intuitive. The system allows to control the intercom, floor heating, blinds, air conditioning, and remote door opening.

Qualities of 2N products:

• the highest quality of materials
• an elegant design
• the possibility of connecting to an existing smart home system
• intuitive, user-friendly software

Choose solutions that will make your life easier

Smart homes have become popular because they make everyday life easier. Thanks to the advanced home control system, you can feel at ease because the system is on watch 24 hours a day. Devices by 2N will also ensure the highest level of security so you no longer have to worry about intruders. Smart homes are becoming a standard in construction, which means that sooner or later you will face a dilemma what smart home equipment to install.

Devices by 2N are the best choice, guaranteeing security and comfort of use. If you want to learn more about 2N products, be sure to visit the manufacturer’s website https://www.2n.cz/en_GB/

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