When to call an emergency plumber?

Sometimes you did not need a professional plumber for minor problems like small leaks or blockage in drains. But if they persist and become the source of water damage, then it is an emergency situation and needs to call a plumber immediately.

Water presence causes damage very quickly and needs quick action to resolve the plumbing issues on an urgent basis. Plumbing problems not only happen with water supply lines but also associated with drain lines, gas pipes, fixtures, water heaters, septic tanks and many other plumbing accessories. 

Here are some emergency situations when you need a plumber urgently to prevent your home from more damage. 

Burst or leakage

Burst or leakage of pipes, sinks or bathtubs may cause disastrous damage to your home and things. You must clear the valuables from the area. You must shut-off the main water supply of your home to lessen the water damage. If water reaches the cracks in walls or saturates drywalls, floor or carpet, it causes severe damage so it is important to call a plumber immediately. Only he can locate, repair or replace the affected pipe to prevent further damage. 

Frozen pipes

In winter season frozen pipes are common and annoying in cold areas. Due to frozen pipes, water flow stops in faucets and you are unable to use water for any need. Fixing this problem on your own is not a good idea and you may cause more damage. Frozen pipes burst easily if you try to thaw them. You must call a plumber to deal with frozen pipes. 

Overflowing toilets

Overflowing of the toilet is an unpleasant and smelly situation and calls for an emergency need of a plumber. Shut off the water supply of flush tanks and stop using the toilet till the repair. There could be any cause of this problem and only a plumber can resolve it.

Clogged drains

Drains are used daily in a home and it may clog due to dirt, grease and food scraps easily. Clogged drains are not a big issue but if it persists, can become a huge problem if not addressed properly. Sometimes clogged drains cause back up from sinks or bathtubs, which urgently need an emergency plumber. This could be the sign of a big problem like sewage back up

Sewage back up

If you smell unpleasant smells in water coming from drains there is something wrong with your septic tank or sump pump or other plumbing. You cannot do anything to repair it even if you know the reason. Sewage back up is hazardous to health and you must not try to tackle it. Call for a plumber before the problem gets bigger and damage too. Sometimes the sewage issue not only affects your home but it may result due to other causes associated with your neighbourhood which a professional plumber can assess.

Hot water heater problems

If you see any leaks or malfunction of your water heater, this is an emergency situation and requires a plumber to handle. Check your drip pan of water heater and on the confirmation, shut off the cold-water line and heater. The water heater does not contain too much water and you will not be able to get hot water for use.

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