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Pendant Light: The Right Height

The pendant light has become more popular over the years. What’s perfect about this is that it has a lot of design you can choose from that will fit a wide range of rooms. People often wonder how high they should hang the pendant light. It all depends on where you will put it and your preference.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to how high you should hang the pendant light. The standard height is about thirty inches from the tabletop if you want it in your dining area. But, there are times when you have to hang it a bit lower or higher. It all depends on the style you are looking to achieve. You also have to consider a possible room renovation. You should put the pendant light high enough for you to walk under it but low enough to provide adequate light.

Dining area

As mentioned above, there is a recommended height to hang pendant light above a tabletop. That is around thirty inches, but you have to consider the size of the pendant light and the ceiling height. You would not want the pendant light to loom over you as you eat your dinner if it is too big at a low altitude. The height where you will hang it will also depend on how much lighting you want it to provide. A higher location will give you ambient light, and a lower one will offer more light. You can also choose to hang several pendant lights above a rectangular table. It will provide ample light for the entire table surface.


A pendant light can add a lot of drama and beauty when you place then in an entry or hallway. It is better not to put them too hight if you have tall ceilings. A series of identical-looking pendant lights down the hall will give it a classic look and feel. Make sure there is enough clearance above the floor and that no door will hit it when opened.


There should be plenty of clearance while walking up and down the stairs. You will need at least eighteen to twenty-four inches of clearance. That is between the bottom of the pendant light and the height of the tallest person in the place. You do not want people ducking when walking on the stairs.

Above an island

People still argue how far to hang pendant lights over island. They are great at providing ample task lighting and also enhance the kitchen design. Putting the pendant light high enough, so you do not stare into them when you are standing is ideal.

So how high or how low your pendant light does not matter. What matters is that it gives you enough light and does not hinder anyone.

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