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Granny Flats Are Perfect for a Variety of Uses

Is your family growing out of your current home? Do you want an area for guests to stay over or maybe a secure place close to home for your aging relatives? If any of these things apply to your family, consider building a granny flat on your property. This is an affordable solution to a variety of problems that many families face every day. While some may believe that this would be a huge and expensive ordeal, a great building company would make it feel quick and simple. Search online today for a company near you that specialises in granny flats to find out more information.

Extra Room for Your Family

If your family is starting to feel cramped in your current home, a granny flat is a great way to spread out and have a little more breathing room. Because it is still on your property and within walking distance to your house, it is a great option for older children who still live at home. It is also a great place for guests to stay so you can transition your guest room into another bedroom for your kids. No matter how you want to use it, granny flats are a great way to give your family members the space and privacy they need.

Perfect for Aging Relatives

It can feel difficult to watch your relatives get older. Once they reach an age where they are no longer able to live alone, you may face the dilemma of sending them to live in a nursing home or moving them into your house. Many older people may feel very resistant to moving into someone else’s home, however. They may feel as if they are a bother and miss their privacy. However, a granny flat is the perfect solution. They can have their own space while you can have yours but still be within walking distance so you can check in on them whenever you wish.

Rental Opportunity

Another use for a granny flat is a rental opportunity. You can either rent out the flat to young couples who do not need much space or you could move into it yourself and rent out your larger house. Either way, this is a great way to earn extra income without much effort at all! You will easily recoup the investment of building it. Search for a company to build brick granny flats in Perth on your property today.

Whether you need more room for your family, a home for an aging relative, or a way to earn extra cash, granny flats are a great option. A good building company can do this quickly and easily with little stress on your part. Call today for more information!

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