Pruning Your Trees on a Budget

Trees can be an incredible benefit to any garden or site. They are great for the environment because they help to clean carbon out of the air. They provide shade directly underneath themselves and also cast shade on any buildings in their shadow. That shade can help reduce your cooling costs during the summer. Trees also provide you with fruit and nuts, depending on the type of trees that you are growing. They help fight erosion by providing strong anchors for the soil. However, trees can also become a burden. If they grow too large or if they begin to die, they can become a danger. They will be a danger to yourself and others if they fall or if large branches fall. In order to reduce that, you need to prune your trees from time to time. Pruning your trees is a difficult task; then, when you’re done pruning them, you’re left with a large amount of garden waste. There’s a great way to do away with this garden waste, though.

Skip Hires

If you are looking to get rid of garden waste, you need to consider skip bins in Applecross. A skip will allow you to load up all of the garden waste in one place and have it carted away. The biggest benefit of the skip hire is that you will not have to deal with the task of removing the items. You call the skip company and they deliver the skip to your property. Then, when you are done, they take the skip away. The biggest consideration is choosing the right size of skip.

Choosing a Size

Skips come in several different sizes. Green waste doesn’t take up as much space as some other kinds of waste because it can be compressed by heavier items. So, when you are loading your skip, you need to start with the lightest materials on the bottom. It might feel counterintuitive but it works. Start with light things such as thin branches and leaves. Brush can also go on the bottom. Once you’ve loaded all of that, load the heavier items on top of that. The heavier items will press down and compress the lighter items.

If you have a lot of heavy items, you’ll need to consider how you are going to get them into your skip. Skips tend to have high walls so that they can be filled with as much material as possible. In order to get the heavy items onto them, you might need a ramp. Ask your skip hire company about choosing a skip with a ramp. The ramp will allow you to use wheelbarrows and other types of conveyances to get the items into the skip without straining yourself. This will make it that much easier to load your skip and clean your garden.

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