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House extension: Design and Planning Tips

Buying a house is among the biggest purchases that many people make. Therefore, before making any decisions about any changes in your home, you need to think thoroughly. You do not want to make any change in your home and then come to regret later. Adding an extension is a common home change that homeowners like to make. However, just like any investment, an extension can turn out to be a waste of your money if you did not take time to plan well for it.

Just like the plan, the design of the extension also matters. With multiple extension designs currently in the real estate market, you can have a hard time picking the right design for you. To help you come up with a great plan and design for you, below are extension planning and design tips.

Be adventurous

To be adventurous, you have to think outside the box. Since a house extension is any room or building added to the original building, you have multiple ways of building your extension. You can have downwards as your basement, upwards as the loft or outwards as your kitchen, sunroom, or living room. House extensions give you the chance to bring out your artistic side and wow your neighbors and visitors.  Besides the location of the extension, you can also experiment with the size and shape. Just have fun while doing it.

Choose the contractor

A good builder can turn your dream into reality while a bad one can turn it into your worst nightmare. When it comes to picking theright builder, make sure you do not go with the cheapest one. By going with the cheap builder, you save your money, but risk getting a poorly constructed extension. Even though you are following your budget, be sure to put aside a substantial amount of money for the builder and ask around before you pick any builder. The good ones are always known around the neighborhood. You can also get a referral. Additionally, you can visit their previous projects tosee whether they have the potential to turn your dream into reality before making your choice.

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Chose the design that goes with your personality

Given that your home is where you spend most of your time, where you make those treasured memories as you spend quality time with your loved ones, why not make it an extension of your personality. There are many extension designs to match every personality. For instance, if you love nature, you can build a sunroom as your house extension and get to enjoy the sun, moon, and stars without leaving your house. Besides having a sunroom, you can have a single story as your house extension. The great thing about having your extensions upwards is the fact that you get to use the groud space for another extension in future.


Home extensions are a fun and economical way to create more space and add the value of your home. With multiple house extension designs to pick from, you are going to have a blast as you extend your living space.

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